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Jože Biščak: Are we going to allow it?

Dark and stormy clouds are gathering across the Slovenian skyline, the leftist elite has utterly betrayed the Slovenianism. The lone trees, planted in these places by our forefathers centuries ago, have defied all of the invaders. Their branches were violently broken, their trunks were cut down with foreign axes, and yet new buds always sprouted on the aforementioned trees. Now, the enemy is at our gates, with the intention of pouring the poison of assimilation onto the roots, and the prostitutes and media whores of multiculturalism, who wish make the Slovenianism defenceless, are his most loyal and obliging servants. I ask you, my fellow Slovenes: are we going to allow it?

Several ten thousand of invasive foreign individuals are waiting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to set out northward. Austria, Germany or some other western state aren’t on their list of final destination anymore. Instead, it is Slovenia, because our neighbours to the north and to the west have closed their borders and sent the troops to guard them and prevent the illegal migrants from entering. In the aftermath of a theoretical pro-immigration leftist victory at the forthcoming general election, Slovenia could become a so-called hotspot state, an all European migrant haven. I ask you, mothers and fathers, guardians of Slovenian soil which you wish to bestow upon your offspring: are we going to allow it?

For decades, the communist catchpoles and their minions have oppresed and humiliated our grandmothers and grandfathers, taking away from them each and any chance of survival. After we have gained our independence, the same lot of people, posing as »liberal« transitional left-wing politicians, persuaded us that in the name of progress, the notion of nation should be destroyed and that the traditional national values should be decomposed. And nowadays, their heirs with blood on their hands, call upon us to celebrate the culture that scorns the symbols of Slovenianism. I ask you, my fellow patriots: are we (still) going to allow it?

The deep state doesn’t even hide the plundering raids anymore. Frightened for its existence and manipulating the political power, the deep state uses the law enforcement authority for the persecution of its ideological opponents. We are being brainwashed on a daily basis: they convince us that they alone can guard the Slovenian assests, that the Iranian money laundering operation is nothing else but the progressive way of doing business, that the costs of their screwed-up financial experiments should be equally paid by the taxpayer body, that they alone are entitled to live in prosperity, even if it is to the detriment of the hard working people. I ask you, my fellow taxpayers, are we  (still) going to allow it?   

We are being constantly reminded for nearly a quarter of a century that the opposition against Janez Janša is a matter of intelectual consideration. This trend, which we were told was modern, the »safest« way to heaven, and where the hatred towards the leader of the opposition was an infalliable sign of civilisation, was followed by all-from the extreme left-oriented political parties to their noble counterparts on the right side of the political spectrum. Destroying him would be seen as a sign of progress, denying him his rightful place on the Slovenian political map would be seen as a sign of spiritual growth. This is the sole reason why they want us to continue on the path that leads nowhere. I ask you, my fellow voters, are we (still) going to allow it?

They want to silence us, they threaten us by using the charge of hate speech against us. We are being insulted as fascists, as nazis, as xenophobes and as reactionaries. And all of this is their reaction to our intentions of restoring in Slovenia those values that were once ours, that are sacred to us, namely the family, the religion, the culture and the tradition. They want us to renounce our biological and national origins; and in the name of the feminism, sexual diversity, atheism and unconditional tolerance towards the foreign aggressors, they force us to commit the collective ethnic suicide and want us to be a meek herd of castrated individuals subservient to global guidelines of assimilation. I ask you, mothers and fathers: are we going to allow it?

We are the victims of their spiritual murder and we are not allowed to defend ourselves, nor to live our lives in freedom. The current school system instils the poison of cultural marxism into our children who are being convinced that we are the bad guys. They teach our children how to hate us. They ridicule our patriotism, they threaten to imprison us and wish to physically and emotionally regress us, thus disabling us to resist them. They take over the control of our lives. Our descendants are being taught to deny the thruth and they use the social degeneration to intentionally deceive their minds, consequently making them helpless and resigned to the inevitable end. I ask you, daughters and sons: are we (still) going to allow it?

The transitional leftist beast roars and menaces that its way is the only right route to follow; that it is too late, because the absorption capacities of our nation are already saturated, that the demise of the national rectitude is unavoidable and that our ideals are defeated, that Slovenians no longer figure at the top of the food chain in Slovenia and in order to avoid the physical extermination, we will have to adapt. But the world they offer us instead is nothing else but the prospect of a further plunder, attack, blackmail and abuse. I ask you, upstanding women and courageous men, defenders of the Slovenian land and inheritors of your hard-working ancestors: are we (still) going to allow it?


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