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Anti-vaccinators, protesters, sorry, but you are crazy

By: Dr. Janez Remškar

This is not just for you. I will not use this term to name Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, who stated in a television appearance a year ago that the virus is a construct, as it contains genetic segments that otherwise belong to the HIV virus. Shortly afterwards, an excellent analysis was published in the medicine journal Nature, which showed the opposite. All particles of the covid virus have their logical traces in bat coronaviruses.

One wonders if Mr. Luc contributed anything to resolving the pandemic? Certainly not. At the time, however, this corresponded to China and the continuation of misinformation, given the already many unknowns associated with the virus. I hope he realised this later. Or not, because the gentleman is 89 years old and not everyone is given clarity in old age, like our Boris Pahor.

Perhaps, however, only an immense desire for self-promotion was present. In connection with the views of the “anti-vaccinators”, I can cite the thoughts of Professor Aljoz Ihan, who warned some time ago that the rebels are unaware that the virus is among us and that its contagious potential is such that without prevention it will stop our social and economic life. Even more. He also pointed out that as an immunologist, he has become accustomed to the fact that some people do not believe the material evidence that is systematically collected by science. He added, I quote: “If we were a little more reasonable and supportive like a community, we would not need rules, but we would all work together to prevent, where possible, the transmission of saliva and nasal mucus from person to person! But in reality, everyone, power and citizens, just do the opposite!”

They do not care about the sick and the dead

It is true that in individual cases the government’s actions were not entirely logical. But a reasonable man certainly got enough messages on how to watch out, understood this right away, and stuck to the action. It is true, however, that some protesters, with Balkan habits and encouraged by the opposition, not to mention the Information Commissioner, the majority of the Constitutional Court, prefer to continue to cause confusion and dissatisfaction with the measures that should by now, after almost two years of struggle with the virus, be clear to everyone. Of course, in most of these cases, it is not about whether they understand or not, it is about opposing the government, sowing doubts among people with the sole purpose of making the government fall. They do not care about the unnecessarily ill and additional deaths.

Here I am quoting data on the increase in the number of infected people between October 12th and 20th, 2020. It is interesting to compare between countries with functioning democracies and newcomers from the communist part of Europe. More than obvious is the difference between Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, where the increase this week ranges from 0.01% to 0.09% (relative to the total population), while in Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovakia it ranges between 0.28% (SK), 0.46% SLO and 0.62% (RO). The differences of newly infected go into the thousands. It is not superfluous to provide data on the number of infected and dead until mid-October 2021 in connection with the constant lies of opposition politicians in the media. Attention! Slovenia is in second place, after Slovakia with 14% of the infected population (Ireland 4.4%, Denmark 5.8%) and (attention) at the beginning of the lower third of countries in terms of the number of deaths with 1.63% of all infected deaths (for comparison, Bulgaria 4.16%, Hungary 3.65%, Italy 2.79%, Poland 2.59%, Portugal 1.7%, and the lowest mortality rate in the Netherlands was 0.89%). Given this, it is clear that misleading politicians and the media about the largest number of deaths in our country due to covid-19 is horrible.

It would be appropriate to consider and analyse the reason for such a large number of infected people. Undoubtedly, protests in which protesters do not adhere to basic preventive measures also contribute to this. At the same time, we should congratulate the medical profession for the successful fight against death, while we do not yet have a cure for the virus. The responsibility of the opposition and some of the media is clear in all this. At the same time, many other things should be emphasised, Šarec resigned at the beginning of 2020, due to the thought of new elections, which should bring him success, due to divisions in his coalition. This happened at the start of the pandemic. We would not have a government for quite some time and we can imagine what kind of chaos we would have. The opposition did not accept the co-operation offered with the government at the time of the pandemic, criticising every move by the government, including corona packages that were social. In the middle of the pandemic, the opposition tried to take over the government with a technical prime minister, later with the help of Karl Erjavec, who again came to the helm of DeSUS party. A representative of the “independent” trade union SVIZ opposed the use of masks in schools, and we constantly heard from the opposition about a police state.

I am sorry to live in a country where opinion is different from what the left thinks is fascism. I am sorry to live among people who do not understand anything, as prof. Dr Ihan and they show it with their protest. Which of these “comrades” is even interested in the virus, who of them is even thinking about patients, the death that still bites among us? No one. They are only interested in coming to power as soon as possible. Part of Slovene politics, successors and followers of the undemocratic system, anti-vaccinators, some “Balkan fighters” prove to us that any agreement, even at the cost of death, is impossible in our country. Unfortunately, it is also not clear to the majority of the Constitutional Court that we are facing a still dangerous virus, to which we do not yet have all the answers. We all wanted a vaccine and now? I am sorry that the majority of the Constitutional Court continues to have “socialist letter-reading*”, losing the right to life before other rights because of their views. Scary where we came to in the fight for power. At the same time, we have been hearing in the media lately that the authorities must listen to the people, read anti-vaccinators and protesters. Do you really think that a few thousand people in Ljubljana represent the people? It is high time for Slovenians to inform these thousands and the media that they are not representatives of the people, but only of confused, science-struggling citizens who are fighting for the establishment of another government under the pretext of fighting for their rights.

*literal translation from črkobralstvo, meaning mockery of law and common sense

Janez Remškar is a doctor and publicist.


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