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And the truth will set you free

Bogdan Sajovic. (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Bogdan Sajovic

On that day, Jože Možina prepared the Utrip show of the week at the national TV, which was enough to drive the left-wing group crazy. The theme was the annual Bolshevik masturbation in Dražgoše in memory of the “famous epic” from the times of National Liberation War.

In short, in January 1942, a group of Bolshevik partisans annoyed the Germans, ran away, and allowed the occupier to rise above the innocent villagers. Forty-one innocent villagers were killed, and the village burned. Epic. Well, Možina also included in his contribution the testimonies of some surviving villagers who, in contrast to the roaring Bolsheviks, personally experienced these epic events. The death of their parents, brothers, neighbours, the destruction of their home.

Their testimonies shattered the bubble of lies that the Bolsheviks had woven around the “Dražgoše epic”, and as has been said, the Bolsheviks of all fifty shades of red went mad. Fire and sulphur poured on Možina from all sides. Left-wing politicians, non-governmental organisations, anonymous people on online networks, including left-wing journalists, all demanded the immediate removal of Možina from the national TV. These screamers are the ones who usually have their mouths full of journalistic autonomy and freedom unless it is practiced by someone else. The most original in her revolutionary indignation was a fool from Delo newspaper, who described Možina’s contribution on Twitter as “radical”. Indeed, the journalist picked up the statements of witnesses to an event, how radical, instead of calling the agitprop department of the Communist Party Central Committee and asking for guidance.

Of course, the excitement of leftists can be understood. The Party has built a false reality over decades of repeating lies. As Mr. Baelish said in Game of Thrones, …a story we agree to tell each other over and over, until we forget they it is a lie.” And Communist lies have built a bubble in which those who have accepted the lie live comfortably. Shows like Možina’s, however, break this bubble of lies, this mental slavery. The Gospel of John says, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” But it must be accepted…

Bogdan Sajovic is a journalist for Demokracija and editor of the web portal Kulturnimarksizem.si.

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