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Achievements of the Golob’s coalition− Part 26: They do not know how to count

By: Dr Vinko Gorenak

Golob’s coalition surprises us more every day. The fact that they lie to us, embarrass us abroad, and more, we have already learned from previous articles in the magazine Demokracija. But it seems that they do not even know how to count well.

As you know, the elections for the European Parliament are behind us. In Golob’s coalition, they declared victory, as their boss clearly stated that “we showed Europe a left-centre face”. Such a statement was probably suggested to him by Tina Gaber. Her boyfriend does or says everything Tina tells him. This time it was obviously the same. But the reality is different, which “Tina’s boyfriend” or the head of the coalition does not care about.

Slovenia now has nine Members of the European Parliament and not eight anymore. This is the number we elected in the last European Parliament elections. The election results are clear. SDS and NSi together got five MEPs, while Golob’s coalition got three. We cannot automatically count the Vesna party and the elected Vladimir Prebilič to Golob’s coalition. But even if we do, the balance of power remains the same: the right-centre got five MEPs, and the left got four. By what logic, then, did Slovenia show a left-centre face to Europe? We can only conclude that in Golob’s coalition they do not know how to count how many deputies they have in the European Parliament.

Regarding the European Parliament elections, a member of Golob’s coalition, Levica, also declared victory, even though they did not get a single MEP. Only Levica knows how to declare victory in an election without winning a single seat. They claim they won because they won all the referendums, as if only they proposed them and not the entire Golob’s coalition.

But that is another story. If in Golob’s coalition they do not know how to count, they know how to mislead well. What happened in the last European Parliament elections has never happened before. They senselessly joined four referendum questions to the elections. Not so that people could decide on the referendum questions, but to attract more people to vote, hoping that more people would participate in the elections because of this. They succeeded in this to some extent. But people were not deciding on the referendum questions, as the referendums were advisory and not legislative. The results of the advisory referendum are not binding for Golob’s coalition. This means that they somewhat deceived people, as most did not know that they were not deciding on anything at the referendums. This practice is quite dangerous for all future elections, not only for the European Parliament but also for our National Assembly. Now any coalition has an open door to use elections for advisory referendums that suit them, thereby attracting more people to the polls who will not decide on anything.

That they do not master counting in Golob’s coalition has been proven in the past as well. Do you remember the words of the head of Golob’s coalition, who last year after the devastating floods said that they can provide a hundred houses a month? Well, it has been almost a year since the floods, so they should have provided at least a thousand houses for the flood victims by now, but they have not provided even a single one. Moreover, the head of Golob’s coalition admitted a few days ago that things are not progressing as quickly as they had expected. It would be more accurate to say that things concerning the flood victims are not progressing at all.

You might say that I am writing about something that has been said many times before. But when it comes to pre-election promises, I will do it many more times. Do you remember Tanja Fajon and the members of SD, who before the last National Assembly elections promised that they would ensure that all citizens of Slovenia would have a personal doctor and that we would wait a maximum of thirty days for specialist examinations? Recently, half of the mandate of Golob’s coalition, of which SD is a member, has passed, and what has been fulfilled? Nothing, absolutely nothing. 200,000 people do not have a personal doctor, and the waiting times for specialist examinations have enormously extended. We can therefore conclude that even in the SD party, a member of Golob’s coalition, they do not know how to count, or perhaps they simply lied to us before the last National Assembly elections.


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