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A world without incompetent and corrupt WHO would be much healthier

Do you remember Margaret Chan? She was the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) between years 2006 and 2017. That was the decade, when the Palace on Lake Appia 20 at Lake Geneva finally became a bed of corruption. The World Organization has for decades been losing its reputation. Even with such moves, as it was the appointment of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, a “Harare butcher” as a Goodwill Ambassador and also awarding human rights violators in Turkmenistan and the Philippines and praising North Korea for having excellent health system because there obesity rate is very low, or that Cuba is making health care accessible to everyone. However, with Mrs. Chan, the WHO has lost the last bit of reputation that has acquired over the years, since finally it was founded with noble intentions.

Mrs. Chan became known as a woman, who was hugging endangered animals during a flu pandemic and failed to prevent the outbreak of deadly Ebola. Prior to joining the top of the WHO organization, she worked as director of the Hong Kong Department of Health. It was there that she “proved” herself in 1997, trying to convince the public, that bird flu was not dangerous to humans. She bragged that she was eating a chicken every day. When people started dying, she ordered the slaughter of 1.5 million birds on the island. This was her main reference for becoming Director-General of the WHO in 2006.

She was praised for being resolute, but she soon turned out to be utterly incompetent and most of all, despite the health organization’s huge budget, very corrupt. When she spoke on behalf of the WHO, corpses were counted worldwide. So it was with malaria, so it was with Ebola, so it was with tuberculosis. And while people were dying, Mrs. Chan was speaking about Broadway music points at meetings, she was shooting jokes, hugging people and inviting African health ministers to dance with her. In year 2013 alone, WHO staff spent $ 803 million on traveling (excluding costs covered by the host).

Then in July 2017, WHO microbiologist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus came to the leadership of the WHO. Dr. Tedros, as he is called, served as the leader of the Tigris National Liberation Front, the militant wing of the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, serving as a minister of health for the repressive regime from years 2005 to 2012 and serving as Ethiopian Foreign Minister from years 2012 to 2016. Nevertheless, it seemed (though the free and democratic world warned against him) that he knew more about the problems and that the WHO organization would regain public confidence again, by presenting an ambitious plan – to eradicate infectious diseases.

It soon turned out that Ghebreyesus was concerned about everything but contagious diseases. Instead of putting tuberculosis on the priority list, which kills 10.4 million people a year, he began to teach governments, of each sovereign country, what to do: from increasing the tax on sugar, to signing globally an “alcohol control” contract. The reason, why the WHO was founded, that is, because of the global fight against pandemics, timely notification and action, is by him completely forgotten. That is why the WHO responded scandalously to the COVID-10 outbreak. So much, so that individual governments are considering a lawsuit against Tedros Adhan Ghebreyesus and communist China country, Donald Trump has also announced, that he will not give the organization even a dollar more, the same also thinks the United Kingdom and the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa has called on the WHO Director-General to resign.

Ghebreyesus, who spends tens of millions of dollars a year alone with his cabinet for travel expenses alone, has consistently believed in Chinese authorities. In mid-January, WHO reported that there was no evidence that virus COVID-19 was transmitted through human contact. When the virus spread to other countries, the WHO dealt with electronic cigarettes, which were said to be dangerous also for people besides smokers. When people in Europe began to die, Ghebreyesus urged the leaders of the old continent, not to close their borders for the Chinese people, as this could cause stigmatization and that wearing masks is unnecessary. Statesmen, who questioned the “expert advice” of WHO’s first man, were labelled as racist, by the media mainstream.

When a major outbreak of virus in Italy followed on February 21 (since then we have reported about the matter on the Demokracija web portal minute by minute), he claimed that the biggest global enemy was not virus COVID-19, but that that were only fear and rumours. The WHO only declared a pandemic on March 11, when died because of a virus, which is still completely unknown, were counting in the thousands. Despite all the misconceptions, doubts of the world public about China’s announcements, as well as concrete evidence, that the communist authorities are hiding the right information’s, the utterly incompetent Ethiopian, praised official Beijing, saying it was “extremely transparent” and that the world should be grateful to China, for the way country responded to this outbreak. WHO has finally introduced itself as a completely incompetent global organization.

The major question is whether the World Health Organization can reform itself in a “peaceful way”. The reputation they had lost, cannot be restored. They must first resign Ghebreyesus and make him apologize to the world, for the sacrifices he has made with his reckless “advices.” The only way, for this rotten global organization, to follow the path of the right reform, is, that individual countries will stop funding it. When the WHO runs out of money, corrupted rats will go away on their own. If, however, WHO cannot change, a parallel organization will be set up. If it is at all necessary.

WHO organization is a result of globalization. At first, it seemed that the world would become better and safer with such organizations, but today it is clear, that a system has been created with global organizations, that is all-powerful and utterly opaque. This is a deadly threat to humanity, as evidenced by the virus COVID-19 outbreak. There is increasing evidence, that the planet does not need such international organizations that have turned into corrupt, obscure and conspiratorial drones, where a handful of totally incompetent and unprofessional officials and bureaucrats are pulling billions of euros in taxpayer’s money. The original mission is therefore lost in the scams and abductions of such organizations. The aid agreed between the sovereign states is proven to be most effective and also the measures agreed at bilateral level. Everything else is inefficient and opaque. And in that sense, organization WHO is a completely unnecessary organization, because without it, the world would be much healthier.


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