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A day in the life of a monkey

By: Jože Biščak

In the southeastern tropical forests of Mexico, poor monkeys fell dead from the trees. They died due to high temperatures. “This is happening because it is so hot. I have been visiting the state of Tabasco for a long time, and I have never felt it as strongly as now,” said Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the end of May. And as is usual in this postmodernist world, global media, with the help of corrupt scientists, blamed the death of the monkeys on global warming, which is caused by excessive carbon dioxide emissions by humans.

Well, it has now been shown that global warming or climate change, about which climate hysterics and alarmists warn, has nothing to do with the death of the monkeys. Researchers from the Institute of Neuroethology at the University of Veracruz, who performed autopsies on the animals, found that the cause of the monkeys’ collapse was “habitat loss”. This caused the monkeys to change their eating habits, which consequently led to a decrease in the animals’ muscle mass and fluid intake. Thus, the monkeys became too susceptible to high (summer) temperatures, which are usual in Mexico in the summer.

Habitat change occurred because forests were being cleared for livestock farming. And this was encouraged by the leftist government led by President Obrador. He was replaced by leftist Claudia Sheinbaum after the early June elections, with media reports indicating she would continue the policies of her mentor and outgoing leader Obrador, whose popularity among the poor contributed to her victory. In other words, Sheinbaum will continue deforestation, monkeys will keep dying, and mainstream media will report that the deaths of animals are caused by (European) humans who refuse to give up driving fossil-fuelled cars, reject wind turbines near their homes, do not want solar panels on their roofs, and insist on a free-market economy (also known as capitalism). Yes, that is how it goes with leftists: someone else is always to blame, even if proven otherwise.

Leftists of all kinds still claim today that socialism is the best social system. History is full of evidence that it is not so. When the Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall fell, even they initially admitted that central planning had failed. Nevertheless, Western socialist intellectuals, who all enjoyed the benefits of capitalism while admiring the “equality” of the East, believed that socialism should be reconsidered. They found their way out of their previous misconceptions in ecology, arguing that only socialism can address environmental protection. For this reason, they found allies in the Greens, with whom they jointly claimed that only socialism can avoid the impending ecological apocalypse, which, of course, is not true.

Central-planned socialist economies of Eastern Europe (including the former Soviet Union) were not only economically unsuccessful but also examples of environmental disasters: air pollution was much higher than in capitalist countries, and wastewater was routinely discharged into rivers. In Slovenia, we had Anhovo and the “valley of death” (Mežica Valley), and in the Soviet Union, socialism destroyed the Aral Sea between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, which was one of the greatest environmental disasters of all time. Due to communist economic policies (the Soviets wanted to be self-sufficient in cotton production, so they diverted water, causing some villages that were once on the shores of the lake to be tens of kilometres away from the water), the once fourth-largest inland water area shrank to less than half of its original size. But socialists continued to claim that pollution of the planet is caused by capitalism because in socialism “people live in harmony with nature”. They still sell us these fairy tales today, and people still fall for them.

This is exactly what is happening in Mexico. Monkeys are dying due to socialist authorities. But the excuse that the capitalist man, causing global warming, is to blame is extremely convenient. And there is no indication that climate hysterics will stop abusing everything they can for their propaganda purposes.


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