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A century of militant Islam and the great crisis of the West

By: Gregor Preac

The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan has revealed weakness, incompetence, collapse, bureaucratisation, inefficiency, powerlessness, the decadence of the West to fanatical Islam, terrorism, mafia, crime, China, Russia, Iran. And this will encourage them!

Biden’s support rating dropped to just 43 percent in September, despite fanatical propaganda and censorship by most American (social) media. The US administration is now primarily concerned with how to portray Afghanistan as a non-defeat, if it cannot portray it as a victory.

Celebrating the American victory in Vietnam (despite the withdrawal and rule of communism) in Afghanistan is no longer possible. We have advanced digitally and intellectually at least that much! The withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan and the victory of fanatical Islam, however, shows that Islam is the successor to communism in the 21st century and that the 21st century will be a struggle between democracy (secularism) and Islam.

The great crisis of consciousness of the West

Because the West does not know how to recognise Islam as an enemy, it is losing! After Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, now Afghanistan! The West is dealing with terrorism, instead of isolating, beheading Islam, which is the source and breeding ground of wars, violence, terrorism, ignorance. The West is even so blind that millions of militant Islam are descending into the capitals and large cities of Western Europe. Interventions in Islamic countries, Afghanistan, migration show a great crisis of consciousness and ideology of the West, the delusion of liberalism, which merges with socialism. Their globalism and internationalism open borders for the poor and uneducated from predominantly Islam in the EU, while Russia and China consider new trade routes, new strategies for (non-military) conquest or world integration, where migration is no longer necessary or sensible. Mass migrations destabilise both countries of departure and countries of arrival.

Despite the closure of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US still has about 800 bases around the world, Russia only 18, China only one in Djibouti. China is betting on restoring the Silk Road, Africa and mineral resources (likely to close most deals for rare metal mines with Taliban), and Russia is betting on a new sea route across the Arctic Ocean that would make the route from China and Japan to Germany compared to the route through the Suez Canal shortened by 20 days. When China is dealing with economic growth, Germany, the UK, and the US are dealing with evacuation from Afghanistan. When the Taliban first occupied Afghanistan in 1996, there were 4 million refugees from that country. Half a million are now expected to begin with. According to the UN, half of the Afghan population needs immediate help, and a third are already hungry today. Banks are closed, as are shops. Greece completed the erection of a 40-kilometer wall and barbed wire fence against Turkey, Poland followed Lithuania and installed barbed wire on the border with Belarus, declaring a state of emergency there.

Germany brought about 4,500 people, including about 4,000 Afghans, from Afghanistan by air bridge across Uzbekistan. Merkel is not giving up, even though there are federal election on September 26th, and her CDU/CSU coalition is shown to do the worst in history, only 22 percent, but she says another 40,000 people should be brought in. Even though, more than 20 convicted criminals have already been found among the evacuees, including an Afghan who was expelled from Germany in 2019 after serving a partial sentence of 8 and a half years for raping his underage daughter. A few days ago, the first post-evacuation attack took place in Germany, in which an Afghan stabbed two people with a knife.

If Islam defeats the West, it does not defeat the Chinese. The Chinese have used Islamic weapons to destroy other religions, cultures and languages: migration (of Chinese) to Xinjiang or Uyghur – unfortunately Uyghurs are disappearing, but so is medieval Islam, religious fanaticism, terrorism. You have to recognise, know, and respect the enemy, but the West is fighting ghosts and itself and is losing. We will have to decide whether to ban Islam, abolish it or close it in the Middle Ages so it breaks itself into something more civilised, or whether the EU will become Islam itself in the Middle Ages, as it learns nothing from the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and later of Byzantium!

Gregor Preac is a writer, poet, journalist, photographer and traveller.


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