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Truth about truth

By: Denis Poniž

Slovene leftists sucked the whole truth with their mother’s milk, even the Mr. Philosopher is among them, who once wrote something like this: The only truth about the truth is that there is not a single truth, but he soon forgot about this certainly tolerant and reasonable postulate, and replaced it with We, the leftists, are the only ones who know what the truth is. And if the philosopher thinks so, that is, the one who loves the truth, seeks the way to it and fights for it, then it is no wonder that the terror of the left truth at every lower level only intensifies, at the lowest it turns into the cruellest and most primitive insult of all who think differently and are advocates of different truths.

Such a situation, which has prevailed in our country since the independence, is increasingly generating sort of hidden excesses and outbursts of hatred towards dissenters and has only worsened in recent months. Primitive, inflammatory, false, and unreasonable hatred of dissenters has become a trademark of the “good leftist” who sees the salvation of all problems, as one of its most ardent believers wrote in “full communism.” Of course, these “full communists” do not see that they are the biggest problem for themselves and that their frustrations are the result of their unreflective rampage through institutions, including the parliament. There is no reasonable explanation for such madness, but it can all be barely explained: the pandemic that has affected each one of us, and at the same time all of us together, has forced many to reflect on their own situation and destiny; many were horrified at their own emptiness and loneliness for the first time, and many still remain in their trenches, arrogant, and without a shred of empathy for others. This is their mutilated truth.

We will surely soon be able to read about these hollow people, full of only hatred, bitter to the last cell of their being, in literary texts that always arise in response to the great tragedies of humanity, but are also a chronicle of small, misguided and miserable fates. Those who lack the courage, as well as do not have enough emotional intelligence to look in the mirror at such crucial times, look around irritably and look for the culprits for their misfortune in people who think differently and dare to announce it publicly. They reduce the truth to their own this is just the way it is and it cannot be otherwise!! Impatient and mentally handicapped – who are unwilling to set themselves up for a truth that is always something new and different and that everyone can find, they just have to look inside themselves – behave childishly and humiliatingly, grumbling and screaming, angry at everyone and everything.

As long as this is happening in the private sphere, such behaviour is likely to be the subject of psychological or psychiatric treatment, but when severely torn specimens enter the public sphere, things become more serious. As Slovene leftists have the carta bianca to spread “their” and “only” truth, which they declare to be “salvific”, and the dominant media are available to them, even the most primitive ones, 24/7/365, our public sphere is 99 percent not only miserably one-minded, but completely unbalanced and left to the mercy of those I mentioned at the beginning: the preachers of a single “truth” that is their absolute property and possession. Because they think and act in that way, because everyone else is just harmful distractors, it is only a matter of time before they replace their verbal violence with physical.

There is no shortage of examples from the textbook of recent history. The examples written there are instructive and frightening. They talk about what happens when someone violently, without arguments, in the name of a perverted and murderous ideology, takes matters into their own hands and starts creating a wonderful new world. And Slovenian leftists, not only various retardants, whose specimens even sit in the parliament, but also a plethora of self-proclaimed artists, journalists, bankrupt social scientists and similar losers in space are convinced that this wonderful new world is just around the corner and it is only a matter of time when their truth will become the only truth. This is happening fast, as we already have the Ministry of the One and Only Truth, sorry, I meant to say the public institution RTV Slovenia (and a few other private franchises that report equally biased news that are sometimes on the verge of stupidity). Their false incitement, falsification of facts, glorification of only the left wing, is also their only truth about the truth. Perhaps it would be better to write: their moral bankruptcy.

Denis Poniž is a Slovenian poet, dramatist, and literary historian.


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