Viktor Orban: Giving public money to ecclesiastical institutions is the best investment When the state Featured

  • Written by  V4 Agency
Viktor Orban. (Photo: V4 Agency) Viktor Orban. (Photo: V4 Agency)

When the state gives funds to build or maintain a church institution, it invests the money in the best way, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Saturday at the inauguration service for the newly expanded branch of a reformed school in Budapest.

"The whole of Hungary receives a multiple of every forint in education, tuition, culture, caring for the families, the fallen, the poor, the elderly, the sick, or even nation-building, helping Hungarian communities across the border, in many areas, where the church and the state function as coworkers today," the head of government said about the state support of ecclesiastical institutions.

Viktor Orban - quoting the Calvinist pastor and writer-poet Endre Gyokossy - also said: "we have been given Christian freedom (...) to educate children as homo christianus," people committed to their faith, their family, their nation and their fellow human beings.

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