Vera Jourova administration says Commission does not comment on national political developments

  • Written by  P.T., V4 Agency
(Photo: V4 Agency) (Photo: V4 Agency)

At least this was their answer to questions posed by V4NA, which pertained to issues of equality and racism, as well as rule of law standards.

We quote the reply of VP Vera Jourova's administration, who wrote: "Regarding your question, the Commission does not comment on national political developments."

It is an obvious lie that the European Commission (EC) does not comment on national developments, but let's look at the questions instead.

So far anti-Semitism, racism and the rule of law have been issues that the EC had a strong opinion about, not considering them as "national political developments".

Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of the European Green Deal, delegated the issue to Ms Jourova using a politican trick, saying she is in charge of rule of law issues. This means that although VP Timmermans understood the question, he thought he would not have to respond, saying it falls outside his remit.

It's worth mentioning that a year ago VP Timmermans was involved in the election campaign of Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony, and they were seen together as two close, trustworthy friends. By now, however, Mr Karacsony has become an inconvenient and unwelcome friend, since he threw his support behind an anti-Semitic, racist candidate during Hungary's recent interim parliamentary elections.

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