Massive protests will rock our cities on july 4th as a penumbral lunar eclipse is visible above America

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Info wars
(Photo by Instagram) (Photo by Instagram)

The level of hatred that we are witnessing all over America right now is extremely chilling, and it is rising with each passing day

Organizers are planning on making July 4th one of the biggest protest days so far, and law enforcement authorities all over the nation are bracing for the potential for more violence. 

Usually, July 4th is a day of great celebration in this country, but this year the mood is completely different, and many on the left are hoping to use one of our most important holidays to make a very memorable statement.

It is being anticipated that some of the largest protests will be in Washington D.C., and the White House in particular has been chosen as a focus.

One protest will end with large numbers of protesters “occupying The Ellipse just south of the White House”, and another protest which is being called a “million man march” will proceed directly in front of the White House and will end at the U.S. Capitol.

Meanwhile, a very unusual sign in the sky will occur on July 4th as well.  As long as clouds don’t block it, people all over the country will be able to view a penumbral lunar eclipse…




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