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Greta Thunberg ( Photo: V4 Agency)

By: V4 Agency

As lies by the climate crusader are frequently exposed, it’s becoming increasingly clear that her environmental concerns are merely part of a well-organised marketing campaign.

Contradicting her own principles, Swedish climate crusader Greta Thunberg – who has yet to complete her studies – recently undertook the role of editor-in-chief at the popular Dagens Nyheter newspaper for one day. The first problem is that daily Dagens Nyheter gets printed in hundreds of thousands of copies, which causes environmental pollution and deforestation but – perhaps more importantly – the issue edited by Ms Thunberg featured a full-page ad from German carmaker BMW.

Reacting to the incident, Greta said not everything was discussed with her, adding that her work had a limited scope. However, the editorial manager of the paper said Greta had seen all the ads before they were placed.

This isn’t the first time Ms Thunberg has been economical with the truth. Last December, she travelled to Germany on a train operated by Deutsche Bahn. She posted a picture of the trip on Twitter, which showed her sitting on the floor surrounded by piles of luggage. In the caption, she claimed that trains in Germany were overcrowded.

In response to the tweet, Deutsche Bahn issued a statement announcing that they were working to launch more trains. They pointed out that the train in question was completely environmentally friendly, using only green electricity.

It quickly came to light that the activist – who had a reserved seat in first class – lied. In its statement, Deutsche Bahn stressed that it would have been kind from Greta to also take note of the cordial, competent service she received by staff at the railway company.

Shortly before her trip to Germany, Greta had crossed the Atlantic, from the United States to Europe. She made the trip on a sailboat, of which she was very proud. However, the teenage climate crusader made a big mistake, as Istvan Kopar, a sailor who circumnavigated the globe three times, tol V4NA.

Greta Thunberg sets sail for Madrid leaving huge carbon footprint

The production of the catamaran that is sailing Greta Thunberg and her father from the US to Europe has a huge carbon footprint….

According to Mr Kopar, “this girl uses a carbon fibre boat to sail across the ocean, which [during its manufacture] causes enormous environmental damage… These are single-use boats that are built to fit the prescriptions of particular races and tossed away if there are any shortcomings.”

After disembarking the boat in Europe, Greta boarded a train in Lisbon to travel to Madrid where she was scheduled to take part in a climate conference. Her climate friendly trip, however, was marred by a few flaws. Most of the long-distance, luxury trains of Renfe, a Spanish railway company, run on electrified rails, but a long stretch of the track – over 100 kilometres – is not electrified. On this section, the electric locomotive must be replaced with a diesel-fuelled train whose emission is a far cry from Greta’s “zero emission” philosophy.

Earlier, Spanish Minister of Ecological Transition Teresa Ribera had offered Greta Thunberg an electric vehicle to complete the 650 kilometres between Lisbon and Madrid. However, Greta’s choice fell on the luxury train with a huge carbon footprint.

This was not the only ironic situation the teenager had to face. In Bristol, Ms Thunberg and her team did exactly what they so vehemently oppose: they caused damage to the environment. During a Fridays for Future climate change rally in Bristol, participants completely destroyed a large greean area on College Green.

After the protest local residents launched a fundraiser to restore the damaged, muddy lawn. Many complained, however, that the damage caused by the climate protesters should be covered by the demonstration’s organisers – Greta and her team – and not by ordinary taxpayers.

At another protest in Alberta, Canada, the climate warrior had to be enlightened about reality once again. Alberta is one of the largest and most oil-rich provinces in Canada, where the oil industry provides a livelihood for many. The government, as well as the federal and provincial authorities apply strict regulations in the sector to minimise its impact on the environment.

Many in Alberta were unhappy about Greta’s visit. During the climate event, Alberta’s premier Jason Kenney attended a ceremony at the Keephills power plant to mark the launch of a new pipeline that will supply natural gas, in a bid to replace crude oil.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kenney reminded climate protesters that the power they used to charge their iPhones just the day before came from that very power plant, along with the power they used to amplify their loudspeakers at the rally. He added that the Keephills Power Plant – whose foundations were being laid at the ceremony – will halve its greenhouse gas emissions thanks to practical solutions.

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