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The memory of the Slovenian geopolitical tragedy

In our magazine we often point to the year 1945 as the most tragic year for the Slovenian nation, because at that time we as a nation came from one totalitarianism to another; from Nazi to Communist. This is a year marked by the post-war massacres of members of the Slovenian National Army and all others who did not like the new regime. Genocide was committed against the most patriotic part of our nation.

Dr. Anže Logar: “Hardworkers saved Slovenia in the sweat of their brows, with superhuman efforts, while jerks sought conspiracy, irregularities and criticized every decision of the government”

With the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia Dr. Anže Logar, we talked about the developments related to the new coronavirus epidemic, relations with neighbouring countries, the European Union and the increasingly turbulent international relations.


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