Tesla Showroom Opens in Ljubljana, Service Centre Expected Soon

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A Tesla Motors showroom has opened in Ljubljana in August, making Tesla automobiles directly accessible to Slovenian customers. By the end of the year, a service centre is expected to open as well.


While Tesla has been present on Slovenian roads for several years now, the cars had to be ordered and picked up abroad, with the closest service centre available in Austria.

That changed in mid-August, when Tesla made the configuration and ordering of their models 3, S and X available in Slovenia as well.

The cars can be ordered online only, but potential buyers can visit the showroom on Leskoškova Street in Ljubljana, where they can examine a vehicle up close and receive advice from sales consultants to help them decide on their preferred configuration.

Tesla Model 3 is currently the only one on display in Ljubljana, but models S and X will become available soon. Test rides will also be possible with all models.

The first vehicles are expected to be delivered in November, when the official Tesla service centre is expected to open in Ljubljana, but a more precise date is yet to be disclosed.

The Model 3 with a range of 409 kilometres is available at a little less than EUR 45,000, the Model S with 610 kilometres reaches about EUR 84,000 and the Model X with 505 kilometres comes at just under EUR 90,000, including tax.

Purchased cars can be returned within seven days, but the car must not have travelled more than 1,600 kilometres, and it has to be returned fully intact.

Charging of Tesla vehicles in Slovenia is currently possible at three fast charging stations and more than 30 standard ones.

The company plans to install additional ones soon, but they emphasized that the most convenient way of charging is at home, as the battery should last all day with average use.

Founded in 2003, Tesla Motors sold 90,891 vehicles in the second quarter of this year, posting a net profit of US$104 million, the first time it generated a profit for four consecutive quarters.

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