Survey: Slovenian Companies Expect 17% Less Revenue This Year

  • Written by  Janja S., STA
(Photo: Demokracija) (Photo: Demokracija)

A survey carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) shows that Slovenian companies expect to generate lower revenue this year at an average rate of 17%, and that more than half of them believe their exports will also decline.

The survey carried out between 20 May and 15 June among 272 companies, and published on Monday, sees a majority of companies expecting lower revenue this year, while 13% expect higher revenue and 8% the same revenue as in 2019.

Among those which expect a decline in revenue, 18% believe their revenue will drop by 10%, 16% believe their revenue will drop by 20%, and 13% believe they are in for a 30% decline.

Some 63% of the surveyed companies expect their exports to decline this year, while almost a fifth expects an increase, and another fifth expects to see no change.

Slightly more than half of the companies expect that their investments will be lower this year than in 2019, more than a third think they will invest more and 15% think that they will invest the same amount as last year.

More than a fifth of the companies which intend to reduce investments will do this at a 50% rate or higher.

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