Slovenian cities picked to be part of 100 Intelligent Cities

  • Written by  P.T., STA
Ljubljana Ljubljana

A consortium of eleven Slovenian cities has been selected to cooperate in the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge programme, funded by the European Commission, the city of Celje announced on Thursday. The initiative aims to set up a network of 100 innovative and smart cities that could help develop new technologies and improve urban living.


The consortium will get to work in September, with the programme's activities running for 30 months. So far, a total of 42 cities have been picked to be part of the initiative.

"Using innovative solutions, the participating cities, including Celje, will become smarter at addressing and tackling urban issues. The cities will receive expert support for the development and implementation of strategies to meet the set targets," reads the Celje municipality's press release.

Revolving around digitalising public administration and public services, the programme will enable the participants to exchange experience and know-how and to set up a joint platform. It will also focus on smart and sustainable mobility and innovative training.

The key target is to come up with a strategy for a digital transition among the Intelligent Cities of Slovenia (SiMOS), whereas local governments will also prepare action plans for other issues, said Celje.

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