Presidents or leading members of parliamentary parties were invited to Tarča to discuss the current situation in the country - but they do not want to see Hojs, who will be the TARGET of tonight's Tarča

  • Written by  Luka Perš (Nova24TV)
Aleš Hojs (left) and Erika Žnidaršič. (Photo: PrintScreen/RTVSLO) Aleš Hojs (left) and Erika Žnidaršič. (Photo: PrintScreen/RTVSLO)

Once one of the best research shows on RTV Slovenia, the Tarča show is returning to the small screens. Presidents or leading members of political parties (SDS, SMC, DeSUS, NSi, LMŠ, SAB and SD) were invited to the show taking place today at 8 pm. Last week, the show was canceled, allegedly due to the illness of one of the crew members, despite the fact that a replacement could have been found quickly among the 2,200 employees at RTV Slovenia. However, it seems that the creators of the show Tarča are afraid that the Minister of the Interior from the ranks of the Slovenian Democratic Party, Aleš Hojs, would come to the studio again. He completely verbally demolished the host of the show two weeks ago.

 "I hear that producers of Tarča fear the SDS representative and member of the SDS Executive Board, Aleš Hojs, whom they are preventing from appearing on the show. The comrades from RTV Slovenia are now even taking the right to decide who will represent the party,” Prime Minister Janez Janša wrote on Twitter. During the last show, Interior Minister Aleš Hojs proved that the television segment prepared by investigative journalist Nataša Markovič on the politicisation of police in the show  was full of lies and media discredits, thus embarrassing the show Tarča leader Erika Žnidaršič.

After the shock two weeks ago, Žnidaršič and the company are ready for a new show. But it seems that Žnidaršič is still suffering from a headache called Hojs, as she needed a fourteen-day rest. Our RTV Slovenia, with an annual budget of 120 million euros and 2,200 employees, likes to present itself as objective, clear and independent. However, it seems that democratic rules apply only when they fit the leading staff of RTV Slovenia.

The Tarča show is plotting a media assassination of Hojs and does not let him defend himself!

“Presidents or leaders of: SDS, SMC, DeSUS, NSi, LMŠ, SAB and SD are invited to Tarča at 8 pm. See you!" they wrote on RTV Slovenia's account on Twitter. But when they found out that SDS intends to send a member of the SDS Executive Board to Tarča again, i.e. someone from a leading position in a party that meets all the criteria of RTV Slovenia, they changed their minds.

Given that the topic in tonight's Target will be the current situation in the country, Hojs is undoubtedly the most suitable guest. His interpellation is on the agenda tomorrow. Anyone who thinks that both the leader of Tarča and the representatives of the opposition will not use the time on the air for the last attacks on Hojs is naive. The target of tonight's Tarča (translation Target) is Hojs, whose comrades on RTV Slovenia do not let him perform on his own and break down their network of lies and deceptions.

Cowards from RTV Slovenia live in fear that Hojs would expose their lies on the spot once again. A lie about the concert of the Croatian musician Thompson in Maribor is expected to be repeated. They will ignore the law and continue freely along party lines. RTV Slovenia, Tarča, the opposition and its comrades do not care what the Administrative Court has decided.

Hoys merely followed lawful procedures. Therefore, it will be interesting to listen to the fighters for the rule of law from the ranks of SD, SAB and LMŠ, when they will argue that Hojs should have violated the existing Slovenian legislation. The leaders of Tarča, do not even have enough integrity to have the victim of a planned media murder in front of their eyes as they carry out their dirty work.

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