New misleading Ninamedia poll: They “measured” a decline in support for the government, even though it has been proven to grow! Among the ten most popular politicians are Židan, Janković, and Šarec!

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Ninamedia’s strong negative campaign “measured” a decline in the support for the government; however, according to the Parsifal poll, the support for the government is growing. Ninamedia also presented measurements that do not match the survey data we recently published.


Ninamedia, for which we have repeatedly proven that it does not actually measure public opinion, but rather, creates it with the data it has, in order to have an impact on the electorate, has once again published survey data which does not match the data published on the Nova24TV portal. In doing so, they published results that do not match the data of the Parsifal agency.

According to a Ninamedia survey, support for the government fell from 48.5 percent in July to 41 percent in September. According to the Parsifal agency, the support for the government increased from 40.8 to 43.3 percent, compared to the previous measurement.

According to the Ninamedia poll, the government parties received lower support than that, measured by the Parsifal agency. Ninamedia published the data which claims that the SDS party is only supported by 22.1 percent, the DeSUS party by 1.3 percent, and the SMC by 0.4 percent, while the NSi party is supported by 5.1 percent of the respondents. At Parsifal, the opposition parties LMŠ (9 percent) and SAB (1.9 percent), also had a lower percentage of support. As expected, support has grown for the SD party (13.6 percent) and the Levica party (7.2 percent). Acting SD president Tanja Fajon needs higher ratings in order to be presented as a suitable alternative to Janez Janša and the SDS party.

According to the Parsifal agency, SDS is still the party with the highest support (22.7 percent) among all of the parties, followed by the SD party with 11.6 percent, and Levica with 5.3 percent of support. According to the latest Ninamedia poll, support for the DeSUS party did not fall as much as the Parsifal poll showed, but Ninamedia instead gave more support to the NSi party.

It is also unusual that, in recent months, no politicians from the coalition parties have been in the top ten most popular politicians, with the exception of the Minister of Health, Tomaž Gantar, and the Minister of Defence, Matej Tonin. President Borut Pahor remains one of the most popular politicians. Tanja Fajon, Ljudmila Novak, Marjan Šarec, Milan Brglez, Janez Lenarčič, Dejan Židan, and Zoran Janković were also among the ten most popular politicians in the Ninamedia poll.

Sara Kovač

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