Migrants are more important to Fajon than the well-being of Europeans

  • Written by  Demokracija
Tanja Fajon (photo: Demokracija) Tanja Fajon (photo: Demokracija)

It has long been clear that Tanja Fajon is one of the most migrant-loving members of the European Parliament, who faithfully follows the Soros line of the Open Society, which, among other things, means the unbridled immigration of migrants from everywhere.


It is therefore not surprising that Fajon announced on Twitter yesterday that during the first debate after the opening of the EU Parliament after the corona crisis, she would raise the issue of the alleged Croatian violation of migrants' rights (that is, they don’t allow them to cross the borders freely and roam Europe).

Therefore, while experts predict an economic crisis that could dust the entire continent's prosperity and lead to the disintegration of the Union, and all efforts should be made to prevent a catastrophe, Fajon intends to steal valuable time from the European Commission and MEPs because of her personal preferences, even though the fate of our continent is at stake.

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