Marko Kos passed away

  • Written by  M. B.
Dr. Marko Kos / foto: Polona Avanzo Dr. Marko Kos / foto: Polona Avanzo

Dr. Marko Kos was a prominent representative of the Slovenian technical intelligence.


Dr. Marko Ko passed away. He has recently published several books at Nova Obzorja Publishing House and his book "Why Slovenia is not a country of innovation" is about to be printed. He was born in 1925 in Ljubljana. In 1972 he received his PhD in mechanical engineering and took a job at the institute he founded at Litostroj in Ljubljana. Seven years later - in the "lead seventies" - in Communist Party's confrontation with technical intelligence, he was labeled as a supporter of "anti-self-governing actions of engineers". Five years, after he was habilitated as an associate professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana in 1975, he was suspended for "moral and political inadequacy and anti-self-government activities". In the late 1980s, he witnessed democratisation in the role of a dissident who wrote critical articles. In 1987 he got a job as a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. At the beginning of 1989, he was one of the founders of the Slovenian Democratic Union and a member of its main committee until the dissolution of the party. In 1991, he received the National Lifetime Achievement Award in the field of innovation. In 2010 he received the Golden Order of Merit of the Republic of Slovenia for his contribution to the economic and cultural well-being of Slovenia.

M. B.

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