Key govt adviser named deputy chief supervisor of Krka

  • Written by  J.S., STA
(Photo: Krka d.d.) (Photo: Krka d.d.)

The supervisory board of pharma company Krka appointed on Wednesday Jože Mermal for another term as chief supervisor. Matej Lahovnik, the economist who heads a special task force of economists and business executives advising the government during the Covid-19 crisis, was appointed his deputy.

Apart from Lahovnik, who represents shareholders on the board, Franc Šašek, employee representative, was also named deputy chief supervisor.

Krka shareholders appointed four new members to the nine-member board in July. Existing supervisors Julijana Kristl, Boris Žnidarič and Jože Mermal were put forward for the appointment along with a new name, Peter Filipič.

However, Slovenian Sovereign Holding tabled a counter proposal at the shareholders meeting, proposing Lahovnik instead of Filipič.

Thus, Kristl, Žnidarič, Mermal and Lahovnik were appointed for a five-year term on the board that also includes Borut Jamnik, Mojca Osolnik Videmšek, Mateja Vrečer and Tomaž Sever.

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