Janez Jansa to the Social Democrats of Dejan Zidan: I ask you to withstand the calls for violence

  • Written by  J.S.
(Photo: Demokracija) (Photo: Demokracija)

»So please refrain from calling for violence in the future,« prime minister of the center-right government Janez Jansa told the far-left Social Democrats (SD) of Dejan Zidan on the social network Twitter.

Recently, former secretary general Uros Jausevec threatened to rebel on Twitter. »But the quarantine will be over. See you then,« he announced.

Following a series of protests against such a threat of street violence, SD reported on Twitter: »We are a democratic society. As long as it is so, everyone also has the right to protest, which is not a violence, but a democratic expression of distrust and disapproval. We are not (yet) a dictatorship to ban this. Therefore, have zero tolerance for restricting freedom, lies, hatred and violence.«

Janez Jansa answered them:

»Unfortunately we do not believe you, because during your last ’rebellion’ and ’revolt’ in 2012 and 2013, more than 90 police officers (and not even one protestor) were injured by granite cubes and molotovs in a single night. So please refrain from calling for violence in the future.«

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