Friday's anti-government protesters with torches in their hands and Svetlana Makarovič behind the microphone called for "activation" of individuals, opposition parties and NGOs!

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Friday's protests against the government in Ljubljana. (Photo: STA) Friday's protests against the government in Ljubljana. (Photo: STA)

Anti-government protesters once again gathered on the streets of Ljubljana last Friday to express their dissatisfaction with the current situation. With torches in their hands, they called on individuals, opposition parties and civil society organizations to activate. They announced that they wanted to live and not scrape by. The frontman of the illegal protests, Jaša Jenull, was also present this time, alongside Svetlana Makarovič who wore a red star on her chest.


The 21st consecutive unreported anti-government protest began on the Prešeren Square and then continued along Slovenska Street and other nearby streets all the way to the Republic Square. According to the Police, approximately 3,000 people participated in the unreported protest last Friday. 

Protesters are also critical of the opposition.

Judging by the content of the speeches, the protesters are critical of the opposition parties because "they surrendered to Janša". The opposition was publicly asked what they would do to bring about a change of government with Jenull adding that if their answer is nothing, this will not be forgotten.

"Police officers performed tasks to protect the National Assembly, maintain public order, ensure the safety of protesters, regulate traffic and monitor compliance with the decree on a temporary general ban on movement and gathering of people in public places and areas," police said.

In order to ensure safety, traffic police officers closed several streets in the area, and reported one violation during the protest. They announced that they would continue to collect information regarding the event, and in the case of additionally detected misdemeanors or criminal offenses, action would be taken in accordance with the law, announced the Ljubljana Police Administration.

According to STA, the protesters raised torches on the Republic Square and called on the opposition as well as other non-governmental organizations and individuals to activate. The latter speaks for itself, particularly in the light of Antifa's presence at the anti-government protests. The modern Antifa has its roots in the radical leftist movement Antifaschistische Aktion.

Commentators on Twitter pointed out that marching with torches is a typical neo-Nazis action and that scenes from anti-government protests are reminiscent of cult ceremonies.

“Scary iconography of Friday’s extremist rally. Nazi parades also included fire, swastika and boots. Hitler emphasized the importance of a torch as a symbol of the national and racial revolution, ”Metod Logar wrote on Twitter.

“As a mother of a 9-year-old, I am scared. I admit, I'm afraid of the virus. But the virus is not human. I am afraid of people with raised, clenched fists, covered/blindfolded eyes and torches in their hands. I'm afraid of living among people who raise clenched fists out of pure boredom and PR resistance” admitted a Twitter user commenting on a photo of anti-government protesters with torches and blindfolds.

State Secretary for National Security, Žan Mahnič, pointed out that some leaders of anti-government protests are earning money at the expense of their followers. “They will demand everything possible, and Jenull is pushing them and diligently collecting voluntary contributions for penalties. He collects a few thousand euros for each protest, which he then puts in his own pocket. I give him credit for an innovative “entrepreneurial idea.” Perhaps he will become independent from the cultural budget."

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