Dr. Matevž Tomšič: RTV Slovenia minimized the incident in which Čordić was involved

Dr. Matevz Tomsic. (Photo: Veronika Savnik) Dr. Matevz Tomsic. (Photo: Veronika Savnik)

Dr. Matevž Tomšič, sociologist and president of the Association of Journalists and Publicists:

»Dominant media every time something unpleasant happens to a left-leaning journalist or media creator, shout the news from the rooftops and declare it unacceptable pressure. Meanwhile, now that there has been some aggressive action against the Nova24TV cameraman, they are mainly ignoring it. At the multimedia center of the national television, they dealt with the matter in one sentence, in the sense that the famous musician just took the camera from the cameraman Nova24TV. As if it were something normal.«

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