By Mr. Janez Jansa: Assassination of the countryside

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Mr. Janez Jansa Mr. Janez Jansa

"The abolition of electoral districts proposed by 59 MPs would make easier political campaigns for small parties, but would also catastrophically increase centralization of the country," SDS President Mr. Janez Jansa warned in a note on Assassination of the countryside: "In the proposed electoral system without 88 electoral districts and with only 8 constituencies, elected members of all parties would be practically fully concentrated in national and some regional centres within three terms. (…) In this system, rural MPs would eventually be only an exception. "


In six points, Mr. Jansa explains "why today, those who in year 2000 cruelly trampled on the popular will and the Constitutional Court's decision on a majority electoral system shout loudly scream about the need for a direct influence of a voter on the election of a MP." "The transitional left, with a few exceptions, does not advocate the abolition of electoral districts, because they would so wholeheartedly want more influence from voters on the election of an MP (…), but because they want to tailor the active electorate body to their own custom," Mr. Jansa also warns.

In the last, seventh point, Mr. Jansa describes solutions if we really want to eliminate the distortion of the electoral system. He proposes as the most complete solution a two-round majority electoral system. “But we all know that the current MPs will never overwhelmingly agree with them, as they were elected with a result of between 6 and 17 percent, and of course they do not imagine that they could ever get support above 50 percent in their electoral district. In addition, the majority electoral system requires the involvement and integration of all related parties, "writes Mr. Jansa, adding that "the transition left is clearly incapable of doing so in practice, although it very much likes to address the exclusivity allegations against others."

“A combined electoral system would also be a step forward, whereby 44 Members would be elected on a proportional basis and 44 by a majority basis. This would still ensure at least a partial equal representation of all parts of Slovenia in the legislature, and would also satisfy the principled proponents of the proportional system. "

About this solution they are willing to seriously discuss, but only if there is a will, at least in part of the transition left, also wrote SDS president Mr. Janez Jansa.

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