Building of new European network of connections and journalistic cooperation

Building Connections Conference  (foto: BC Best) Building Connections Conference (foto: BC Best)

Building Connections Conference has been held for the first time in Kecskemét, Hungary, where representatives of media outlets from 7 countries met last weekend.

The endeavor initiated by and Regon Group has the aim to create a European network of connections which utilises the possibilities of cooperation. The organizers intentions in founding BC are helping the media companies and industry organisations joining the alliance to network and organise channels of communications.

The founding members of the Building Connections Media Alliance are and Regon Group from Hungary, Vestnik Stroitel from Bulgaria, Starmuehler Agentur und Verlag from Austria, Nova24 TV and from Slovenia, Alfa TV and from Macedonia, Agenda Constructiilor from Romania and Budyvelny Journal from Ukraine.

Participants set up a 21 point founding document as the basis for future cooperation. The next Building Connections conference is going to be held in Bulgaria in May 2020.

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