[Public opinion poll] SDS has the highest support, the support for Šarec’s LMŠ continues to fall!

The public opinion poll, conducted by the Parsifal agency for Nova24TV, records the highest support for the SDS party, while the support for the LMŠ party continues to steadily decline. The support for the SD, Levica, and SMC parties is also falling. However, for the NSi and DeSUS parties, support has grown. According to the results of the poll, more than half of the respondents support the interpellation of Minister Zdravko Počivalšek, which is the result of numerous tendentious media attacks.

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MPs raise 2020 budget spending cap by EUR 2 billion

The National Assembly passed in a 50 to 5 vote on Monday changes to a document capping public finance spending, so as to allow the government to draft a supplementary budget for this year to accommodate measures to help the nation overcome the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. The government plans to have the supplementary budget ready before summer.

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The letter from the employees at the NPU, which the media enthusiastically published, was in fact prepared by a single man with the help of three of his co-workers

After the acting Director-General of the Police, Anton Travner, dismissed Darko Muženič from the position of Director of the National Bureau of Investigation (Nacionalni preiskovalni urad – hereinafter referred to as the NPU), the main Slovenian media outlets, led by the Slovenian Press Agency (STA), started writing about how the employees at the NPU defended Muženič with an anonymous letter of protest, claiming that as a Director-General, he was very professional and an expert in his work. It turns out that the media outlets were completely uncritical, as the letter was actually only a manipulation, created by one man. Sources from the NPU reveal that the initiator of the whole thing is actually Mitja Gregorc, who is currently investigating the matter of procurement of protective equipment.

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Instructions issued for reopening of schools and kindergartens

The Education Ministry has issued instructions to schools and kindergartens for their gradual re-opening, which note that up to 10-15 children are allowed to sit in a single classroom in primary and secondary schools, and up to 8-10 children in an individual kindergarten group.

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Foreign Minister holds video call with Spanish counterpart

During today's video call, Minister Dr Anže Logar and Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain Arancha González Laya confirmed mutual interest in further enhancing friendly cooperation between the two countries, also in view of Slovenia's upcoming EU Council Presidency and combating the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit Spain particularly hard.

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Iskra Mehanizmi finalising production part of new complex

Brnik - Iskra Mehanizmi is wrapping up the construction of the production segment of its EUR 30 million complex in Brnik, just off Ljubljana airport, and relocation of individual parts of production is to start soon. The conclusion of the offices part will depend on the situation related to the coronavirus pandemic.

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More Details on State Aid for Slovenia’s Hard Hit Tourism Sector

Details are emerging of a package of state aid the Slovenian tourism sector will get to survive what is expected to be a deep slump. Aside from an extension of existing measures that all companies are eligible for, tourism companies will get an extra loan facility and a short-time work scheme.

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Will it protect all journalists or just only selected ones?

The fact, that journalists from the so-called Club 571 protect one another, is also evidenced by the fact, that the head of the TV show “Odmevi”, Tanja Starič, abruptly cut off Minister Aleš Hojs, when he mentioned that the editor of magazine “Mladina” Grega Repovž was also present at the protest on April 27, saying that he was only there for business reasons and not as a participant in protests. If we relate such a protective attitude of the TVS journalist to the editor of magazine “Mladina”, with the fact that the public broadcaster RTV Slovenia recently paid “Mladina” subscriptions of more than twelve thousand euros, than the matter may become more transparent.

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National Security Council about the epidemic and cyber security

On Monday, May 4, the National Security Council (SNAV) convened in “Brdo pri Kranju”, the council was convened by Prime Minister Janez Janša. Within the first point of the daily agenda item "Elements for the preparation of the national SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) epidemic plan”, based on the experience gained in combating the epidemic, they were introduced to the issues of infectious disease legislation plan and the national protection plan and with the state rescue plan in the event of an epidemic and assessed them as inadequate and deficient.

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Man Attacked by Bear Near Škofljica in central Slovenia

A 56-year-old man strolling in the woods near Škofljica, just south of Ljubljana, stumbled upon a bear, who attacked him, media have reported. The man reportedly surprised the animal and used his hands and a walking stick to defend himself, the Forests Institute told the STA. Police say the man's injuries are not life-threatening.

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Brussels projects 7% GDP drop for Slovenia this year

In its first economic forecast after EU members introduced measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the European Commission has projected that Slovenia's gross domestic product (GDP) will drop by 7% this year compared to 2019, while a 6.7% recovery is expected in 2021.

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Will the Supreme State Prosecutor Jenull prosecute his own son, who is calling for a rebellion that could have violent consequences?

From the very beginning, theater director Jaša Jenull has been actively inciting violence against the legitimate authorities. On his Facebook profile, he first called for the lighting of candles in front of the National Assembly, then he called for people to come play golf, and finally, he called for people to join the protest by cycling. Right before the new Government took over power, Jenull also published an add on his Facebook profile, for paid participation in “art events,” which casts a shadow of doubt on the spontaneity and sincerity of many of the cyclist who will apparently cycle in front of the Parliament building once again on Friday, May 8th. The calling for protests is unlawful, as public gatherings are still banned because of the epidemic of the novel coronavirus, and people are therefore wondering how come Jenull is feeling so brave. He is supposedly the son of the Supreme State Prosecutor Hinko Jenull, who began his career during communism. As a regime judge, his actions included illegally seizing the newspaper Mladina, which was critical of then-authorities, and after Slovenia gained its independence, he found himself in the informal group for settling the score with SDS. Many other Slovenian prosecutors are still being influenced by him.

Coronavirus Global Response: Pledging event and Slovenia's contribution

Foreign Minister Dr Anže Logar participated at today's virtual pledging event hosted by the European Commission as part of a unified global response to the Covid-19 outbreak. On behalf of Slovenia, Minister Logar pledged EUR 13,760,000 for finding a cure and vaccine, and improving diagnostics to combat the disease.

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Slovenia highlighted as coronavirus success story

The US news portal Vox has put Slovenia alongside Greece, Iceland, Jordan and Vietnam as overlooked success stories when it comes to fighting coronavirus outbreaks.

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The left-wing parties are trying to bring down the successful current Government because of their own past failures

The opposition’s left-wing parties are opposing everything that is saving us as a nation and are trying to bring down the Government the old Bolshevik way, by inciting hatred among the people. What convinced me that the left-wing capitalist ideologists, who have a tendency to try and take over the power, are behind all of this, are Miha Kordiš’s recent actions. The MP of the Levica party raised a fist and a banner through his apartment window, stating that Janez Janša’s Government would only rule until the coronavirus danger passes – so, just long enough to bring the country into a peaceful haven of normal life and work.

Extension of aid for tourism mulled

With the tourism industry projected to remain shut down longer due to coronavirus than most other sectors, the Slovenian government is considering extending temporary emergency aid for tourism companies by a few months or even until the end of the year, Economy Minister Zdravko Počivalšek said on Monday.

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