When an anti-government protester does not know why he is protesting

In the show Odkrito (Honest) on the third channel of RTV Slovenija, among other things, there was a conversation about the bicycle protests. They played a video clip on the show – this time, they really did choose a random “cyclist-protestor” to ask him for his opinion. However, they did not manage to get a response to the simple question, “What bothers you, personally, the most?”

Politicking and unreverenced lying of RTV Slovenia, directed by journalists Eugenia Carl and Vanja Kovač: they wanted to portray the government as a murderer of the elderly, but do not distinguish between different levels of treatment!

Radio-Television Slovenia, with the journalists Vanja Kovač and Eugenia Carl, constructed an affair about the filing forms in the homes for the elderly in Slovenia. The elderly were allegedly denied treatment in hospitals due to COVID-19, and the government is being accused of compiling the so-called death lists. “But this was in no way a compiling of death lists. Such politicking and lying is reprehensible, primitive, and also offensive to medical staff in hospitals, nursing homes, as well as disrespectful to the elderly/patients, who are subject to such vile ways of scoring political points,” said Dr. Blaž Mrevlje. “In regards to the filing form which was shown on television, I myself would have also signed it,” said Minister of Health Tomaž Gantar.  

Intellectuals of the Cathedral of Freedom: The media are not a judge who can create an atmosphere of lynching without any evidence!

The icon of the Convention is the Cathedral of Freedom, Plečnik’s depiction of the building of the Slovenian parliament, which he understood as a Slovenian acropolis and a symbol of Slovenian statehood. The members of the association have assessed the current situation in our country and presented their findings in the form of a statement. We are publishing their statement in its entirety below:

New ordinance on measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at border crossing points and checkpoints enters into force

The new Ordinance on imposing and implementing measures for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 at border crossings at the external border and at checkpoints at the internal borders of the Republic of Slovenia entered into force today. New exceptions from mandatory 14-day quarantine upon entry into Slovenia have been added. Also, a new checkpoint Gorjansko ‒ San Pelagio has been added on the road connection with Italy.

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5G test network to be set up in port of Koper

Telecoms incumbent Telekom Slovenije is to set up a test network featuring 5G technology at port operator Luka Koper to explore development options and test various logistics solutions. The project is co-financed from Horizon 2020, the EU's key 2014-2020 research and innovation multi-billion fund.

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The SMC party reveals: Židan received a “dream offer” for his defect to SD! Other MPs are receiving similar offers!

The opposition’s desire to overthrow the current Government is evident, Janja Sluga from the SMC party believes. The offers that some SMC MPs continue to receive have, in her opinion, “exceeded all limits of good taste.” Gregor Židan did not state what the political reasons for his decision to join the SD were, but stated that he received “a dream offer that he simply could not refuse,” Sluga added. Since all signs point to a prime case of political corruption, the case should undoubtedly be investigated by the police.

Several lawyers and intellectuals agree: The phrase “Death to Janšaism” is a serious threat and should not be left unsanctioned!

Despite the fact that the extreme leftists began to openly threaten with slogans such as “Death to Janšaism, freedom to the people!” and “Kill Janša!” at the very beginning of the term of Janez Janša’s third Government, the head of District State Prosecutor’s Office in Ljubljana, Katarina Bregant, decided to drop the criminal charges against the inciters of hatred. On the other hand, more and more lawyers and intellectuals are agreeing that the phrase “death to Janšaism” is not a general phrase but is directed against a specific person. Former director of the Slovene Criminal Police and lawyer Dušan Mohorko described the scandalous decision as professionally highly controversial. He believes that the decision should be further checked – professionally, not politically. “Lawyers, in particular, the prosecutors… The matter is too important not to come forward… You are adding fuel to the fire. Are you even aware of this…?”

Anniversary of Slovenia's UN membership

Twenty-eight years ago, on this day, Slovenia joined the United Nations, which was a watershed in efforts for international recognition of the newly emerged state; it became a full-fledged partner in multilateral forums within the universal Organisation. To mark the occasion, this day is celebrated as Slovenian Diplomacy Day.

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Thirty years since the “Demos” government

On the first multi-party elections, after the Second World War, in Slovenia, in April 1990, the Demos coalition won and thus gained the right to form a new government. The first democratic government of the Republic of Slovenia was sworn in in the Slovene Assembly on 16th May 1990 and its president became Lojze Peterle.On the first multi-party elections, after the Second World War, in Slovenia, in April 1990, the Demos coalition won and thus gained the right to form a new government.

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A documentary called Latent War: The story of the old communist forces that disarmed the Slovenian army and the people who saved it and established an independent Slovenia

“The disarmament of the Territorial Defense was essentially an act of declaring war because it was illegal and unconstitutional, even under Yugoslav law at the time,” the Prime Minister Janez Janša explains the situation from 1990, when Slovenia began preparing for its independence, which the presidency, then commanded by Milan Kučan, wanted to prevent with disarmament, in cooperation with Belgrade. However, the Slovenian people who fought for independence did not give up, but instead, with Krkovič leading them, established a Manoeuvre Structure of the National Defense in Kočevje and, thanks to their resourcefulness, found a way to arm it. In addition to Krkovič, Janez Janša, Igor Bavčar and others also played key roles in this process. The first armed Slovenian army also prepared the defensive tactics and successfully defied the Yugoslav People’s Army’s aggression, which consequently lasted only ten days. Today, however, some people want to systematically criminalize the Slovenian independence activists and thus reduce the importance of the events from that time, with the participation of part of the Slovene public and politics, which is outrageous. At the same time, it is scandalous that, in a similar way as in 1990, the Slovenian Armed forces are now financially starved. The pattern from years ago is repeating itself. “Slovenia is the only country in the world which has a negative assessment of the Supreme Commander of the Army. If this happened, for example, in Austria, the Government, the National Security Council, and other governmental bodies would meet immediately,” Janša adds.

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There are almost a billion euros of reasons for protests: in Slovenia, well over 27 thousand non-governmental organizations are hungry for money!

In Slovenia, there are as many as 27,854 registered non-governmental organizations, latched to the state budget, so it is not surprising that several thousand protesters can easily gather. The current Government has upset the non-governmental organizations, as it is striving to reduce the funding and impose certain restrictions, of which there is not even a trace of when the left-wing governments are in power.

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Quicker crossing of state border with Croatia expected soon

Slovenian minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs and Croatian minister of the Interior Davor Božinovič met in Ormož, Slovenia, on 16 May 2020. They discussed the current situation regarding the COVID-19 epidemic, particularly regarding options of crossing the Slovenian-Croatian state border and issues related to illegal migrations.

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3rd stimulus package focusing on part-time work and tourism

While subsidies for part-time work worth up to EUR 1 billion are seen as a key feature of the emerging third coronavirus stimulus package, draft documents obtained by the STA also include measures such as vouchers for tourism, aid to ski lift operators, extended permits for foreign labour, as well as a solution for packaging waste issues.

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Bulk of coronavirus restrictions lifted today, schools reopen

About half of children in Slovenia will return to schools and kindergartens today as part of a major easing of quarantine restrictions in the country. Moreover, all shops will be allowed to open and bars and restaurants will be able to serve patrons indoors again, while most restrictions have been lifted for sports as well.

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Govt confirms re-opening of kindergartens, schools on Monday

The government confirmed on Wednesday the plan to re-open kindergartens, primary schools for the first three grades and the final grade, and secondary schools for final-year students on Monday. Certain restrictions will apply, including on the number of children and students per classroom.

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Major easing of coronavirus restrictions planned for Monday

Slovenia will see a major easing of quarantine restrictions on Monday. Tourism will reopen starting with smaller operations. All shops will be allowed to open, while bars and restaurants will be able to serve patrons indoors again, the government decided on Wednesday.

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