Four young Afghan men are charged with burning down Lesbos migrant camp - as fire breaks out at another Greek camp overnight

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Daily mail
(Photo by Tobias Rehbein from Pexels) (Photo by Tobias Rehbein from Pexels)

A devastating fire ripped through the island's Moria camp last Wednesday ...

Four young Afghan men have been charged with arson for alleged involvement in fires that destroyed most of a large refugee camp on the eastern island of Lesbos, Greek authorities have said. 

The court appearance came just hours after another fire threatened a camp of more than 47,000 people on Samos island late on Tuesday night.

The men allegedly involved in the September 8 fire on Lesbos, who have not been named, were led to a court on the island on Wednesday to be formally charged.

Along with arson, they faced a host of charges including fomenting unrest, property damage, illegal use of force and attempting to injure police.



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