Greek Media Publishes Photos of Turkish Authorities Allegedly Helping Migrants

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Breit Bart
(Photo by Printscreen) (Photo by Printscreen)

Greek media have published photographs claiming to show Turkish security services at the border helping migrants cross into Greece by watching out for border patrols.

The photographs, which are said to have been taken along the Evros river on the Greek border with Turkey, show migrants crossing the river in an attempt to get to Greece, while a Turkish armoured vehicle watches from a distance.

According to a report from Greek newspaper Proto Thema, the Turkish border authorities were not in the area to stop the migrants from crossing into the European Union, but were on the lookout for border patrols and agents of the EU’s border agency Frontex.

The paper states that an estimated 500 migrants attempt to cross into Greece every day, with dozens trying to make the crossing along the border in the Evros region. Around 80 per cent of the migrants arriving from Turkey are said to be from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

Turkey has previously been accused of helping illegals get across the border in March, with a Turkish soldier admitting to helping the migrants.



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