Danish integration minister: Immigration has led to a less free society

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Voice of Europe
(Photo by Instagram) (Photo by Instagram)

Denmark’s Minister for Immigration, Integration, and Housing recently said during an interview that immigration had made Denmark a less free nation.

Matthias Tesfaye, a Social Democrat with an Eritrean background, during a recent interview with the Danish weekly newspaper Weekendavisen, explained to the journalist how immigration into Denmark had led to less freedom in the society.

“Immigration has made Denmark a less liberal country. I mean that is indisputable. Had we not had 50 years of immigration, our legislation would have been far more liberal today,” the minister argued. 

The integration minister then likened Denmark’s integration policy to a traffic accident happening in slow motion.

He argued that immigration had left a permanent footprint on “the political infrastructure” in Denmark, saying that it led the state taking more control over our lives.




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