Germany: Rape cases in Berlin see alarming increase, nearly half of suspects are migrants

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:RMX News
(Photo by javier gonzalez from Pexels) (Photo by javier gonzalez from Pexels)

New police statistics show that nearly two severe sexual assaults occur in Berlin every day

Between March and the beginning of July 2020 alone, the Berlin police recorded 210 cases of "collective or particularly humiliating rape". In almost half of the cases, the criminal investigation agency says foreign suspects are responsible, Focus online reports.

One perpetrator, 29-year-old Sinisa K. is said to have attacked women at eight different crime scenes in southwest Berlin and in the Potsdam area since June. The hunt for him lasted a month.

He is said to have taken his victims by surprise in broad daylight with the same scam. Initially friendly, investigators later reported, the suspect gained their confidence, then he grabbed the women, dragged them into a bush and sexually assaulted them.

During the eighth time, the alleged serial rapist was apprehended police in a forest in mid-July. The month-long manhunt for Sinisa K. made headlines nationwide.



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