100 migrants attempt violent entry from Serbia to Hungary

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:RMX News
(Photo by Printscreen) (Photo by Printscreen)

Migration pressure keeps mounting in the Balkans.

A group of some 100 migrants attempted to forcefully cross the border from Serbia to Hungary on the night of June 5, southern Hungarian news portal delmagyar.hu reports.

"Almost 100 migrants gathered on the Serbian side of the border, in a small forest near Röszke [border crossing with Serbia] an August 5," Csongrád County Police said in a report published on the National Police website. "The migrants attempted to [simultaneously] breach the border illegally and enter Hungary."

County police added that the migrant "behaved aggressively" towards the servicemen guarding the frontier, hurled stones at them and some of them displayed "indecent, obscene behaviour", without detailing what that exactly meant. Some 30 migrants also climbed the razor wire fence installed along the border.

This was not the first violent border crossing attempt from Serbia into Hungary: on January 28, a group of 71 migrants made a similar attempt in the same region, at four different locations, and in one place, they even tore down the barbed wire fence.



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