German activist in Lesvos: There are jihadists and rumors of Turkish-supplied guns in Moria, barely any Syrians

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Greek City Times
(Photo by Lukas from Pexels) (Photo by Lukas from Pexels)

The revelations of the German artist, photographer and activist, Rebecca Somer, about the sad events that unfolded at the Moria migrant camp in Lesvos last week are shocking, Thestival reported.

Somer is one of the people who knows the ins and outs of managing illegal migrant flows. Recently, she was in Lesvos and recorded what is happening at the Moria migrant camp, and they are beyond shocking.

On September 10, she gave a telephone interview to the liberal German online magazine, Tichys Einblick. In her interview, she spoke about the suspicious role of some Non-Governmental Organizations, about the behavior of illegal immigrants towards the inhabitants of the island and about how the arson of the migrant camp was organized.

Her revelations about the existence of jihadist groups that exploit the illegal immigrants cause is revealing, while her references to the weapons they have inside the shelter are shocking.

Somer emphasises that an attempt was made to blame the residents of the island for the migrant camp fire. However, she saw a video in which it appeared that there were several outbreaks of fire that erupted through the Mori camp simultaneously. She cites reports that a man and a woman from a German NGO along with Afghans and Arabs were causing fires near the tents. All illegal migrants were informed in advance to pack up and leave.



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