Illegal immigrants graffiti church with obscene language and images

  • Written by  A.P.,Source:Greekcitytimes
(Photo by Print screen) (Photo by Print screen)

The town of Moria has become infamous for being the location of the main illegal migrant camp on the island of Lesvos.

Two gangs of Afghani immigrants battling each other, African immigrants ridiculing and coughing on police in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and thousands of olives trees being destroyed – this is just some of the very few incidences that have occurred in Moria in the past few months.

There of course has been many churches and chapels in Moria trashed and vandalised by illegal immigrants.

The Saint Slas in Moria chapel is now the latest ‘victim’.

Broken windows, trash thrown all over the premises, drawn on middle finger obscene hand gestures and the word “fuck” graffitied are just some of the very few insults illegal immigrants committed against the chapel.



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