Headcutters are moving to Europe: Sarajevo police find automatic weapons, rifles, pistols, silencers and ammunition with migrants

  • Written by  P.T.
Headcutters are moving to Europe. (Photo: Twitter) Headcutters are moving to Europe. (Photo: Twitter)

The Sarajevo police launched a major operation on Sunday night, during which more weapons were found with the migrants in BiH, reports Klix.ba reports from the Serbian news agency Tanjug. The interior ministry of the Sarajevo Canton later announced today that they had arrested two migrants.

According to the portal, the police discovered several pistols, rifles, automatic weapons and ammunition. According to unofficial information, part of the weapon was hidden in the apartment and a certain quantity was buried or thrown away. According to a report by the Croatian press agency Hina, the police later confirmed that during the investigation of the apartment in which migrants lived and adjoining areas, weapons were discovered: a rifle, four pistols, a silencer and hundreds of bullets of various sizes.

During the operation, police arrested two migrants on Sunday night, D.A. from Algeria and A.M. from Syria, both born in 1995. Before that they tried to escape from the police officers who came to legitimize them. According to the portal Slobodna Bosna, the arrests say that they bought weapons in Sarajevo and intended to resell it. From where they acquired weapons and to whom and where they intended to resell them, they have not yet been able to explain.

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