A migrant infected with COVID-19 was caught in Rijeka Featured

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(Foto: MSL) (Foto: MSL)

Croatian police announced that they had found a migrant who escaped from the Rijeka Clinical Center on Monday, where they confirmed he is infected with the new coronavirus. The man was found about two kilometers from a hospital in the Rijeka port area. The police handed the migrant over to the Rijeka hospital.


The man was in a group of migrants who were escorted by police to the Rijeka Infectious Diseases Clinic on Monday, from where he left voluntarily. Doctors confirmed his infection with the new coronavirus, even though had no symptoms or health problems.

Police tried to find him as soon as possible due to his infection with COVID-19 and started the search on Monday around noon and found him on Tuesday at about 7 a.m.

Although he is an asymptomatic patient, he still poses a danger to the general population, the Rijeka newspaper Novi list reported on its website today.

As soon as the police found him, they informed the medical staff, who took proper care of the man. He was allegedly found in the container port of Rijeka, where he was hiding, wrapped in a blanket.

The Civil Protection Headquarters of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County announced on Monday that three infections (including 2 migrants) with the new coronavirus had been recorded since Sunday. At the end of last week, the police in Rijeka stopped a Croatian bus attempting to smuggle 93 illegal migrants to Slovenia.

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