60 Illegal Migrants Stopped Near Semič, Others Chased from Ilirska Bistrica to Italy Featured

  • Written by  P.T., STA
(Photo: Facebook) (Photo: Facebook)

Police apprehended a group of 60 people who had illegally entered the country near the town of Semič in the south-east on Tuesday. The migrants come from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

They were captured after a large number of persons were spotted in Srednja Vas at around 4pm, running towards Komarna Vas, the Novo Mesto police department said on Wednesday.

The illegal migrants were apprehended by police officers from Črnomelj, Dolenjske Toplice and the specialised unit for border control of the General Police Administration. A special unit of the Novo Mesto police department also took part in the operation.

The foreigners are still being processed by police.

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