Police Report 10,220 Illegal Border Crossings Jan-Aug 2020, Most from Pakistan, Morocco, Afghanistan

The police processed some 10,220 illegal crossings of Slovenia's borders until the end of August, up 3.3% compared to the same period in 2019. In summer, the figure was on the rise, in August alone the police handled more than 2,600 cases of illegal migrations, mostly involving citizens from Pakistan, Morocco and Afghanistan.

In the first two months of 2020, the number of illegal crossings of the border was up on the same period in 2019, followed by a lull in illegal migrations caused by anti-corona restrictions. In May, the figure increased to roughly 900 and in summer months it shot up, police data show.

In June, police processed some 1,800 foreigners who had crossed the border illegally, some 2,430 in July and 2,670 in August, and the upward trend is expected to continue in the coming months.

A total of 2,920 asylum seekers were recorded in Slovenia in the first eight months of 2020, most of them were from Morocco. The figure dropped by 13% compared to the same period last year. The police believes the decrease is mostly a result of a drop in the number of Algerian citizens stemming from new migration routes.

The asylum seekers mostly continue on their way heading towards their final destinations after being accommodated at reception facilities in Slovenia, said the police.

According to the Interior Ministry data, 500 requests for international protection were filed in August, mostly by citizens of Morocco and Pakistan. A total of 475 requests were processed, ten were granted protection and 430 cases were stayed.

The latest relevant data show that in the first seven moths of this year, 72 persons were given the asylum status and 85 in the entire 2019. Processed cases totalled 1,548 until the end of July and 3,838 in 2019.

The STA is releasing charts showing relevant statistics regarding the numbers of illegal crossings and asylum seekers or those already granted international protection.

Number of illegal crossings of the border in the first eight months of 2020 and 2019 according to citizenship

Nationality           Number of crossings
                        2020       2019
Pakistan                2813       2360
Morocco                 2205        774
Afghanistan             1821       1071
Bangladesh               776        685
Algeria                  577       1440
Croatia                  403        217
Iraq                     332        562
Egypt                    200        161
Syria                    171        469
Iran                     163        504
other                    762       1653
total                 10,223       9896

Number of persons handed over to Slovenia's police and handed over by Slovenian authorities in the first eight months of 2020 and 2019

                Handed over to                Handed over to
               Slovenian police             foreign authorities

country            2019     2020              2019     2020
Italy              207      682                58       19
Austria             62       98                 9        6
Croatia             19       18              6457     6781
Hungary              3        6                 0        8
airport            177       86                20        9
total              468      890              6544     6823

Source: Police, Interior Ministry, Office for the Support and Integration of Migrants

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Italian Priest Who Worked With Migrants Stabbed to Death by Tunisian Illegal

A Catholic priest known for his work with migrants and the homeless was stabbed to death in Como, Italy, by an illegal alien he had cared for, according to reports.

Fr. Roberto Malgesini, 51, was found with multiple stab wounds and a slashed neck near his home on Tuesday morning, La Repubblica reports.

The suspect, a 53-year-old homeless migrant from Tunisia, may have been "lying in wait" for Malgesini as he went about his morning ministry.

The Tunisian man supposedly suffered from 'mental illness' and had been ordered to leave the country on multiple occasions.

“The place of the murder was below the window of his home at the Piazza San Rocco at Como, Italy,” From Rome reports. “The murder took place a little past 7 a.m., as Father Roberto began his morning tour of the city to bring food to the poor. His body was found at the foot of a tree. His grey Panda, loaded with all the food necessary for the poor, was found at his house, ready to depart.”



Four young Afghan men are charged with burning down Lesbos migrant camp - as fire breaks out at another Greek camp overnight

A devastating fire ripped through the island's Moria camp last Wednesday ...

Four young Afghan men have been charged with arson for alleged involvement in fires that destroyed most of a large refugee camp on the eastern island of Lesbos, Greek authorities have said. 

The court appearance came just hours after another fire threatened a camp of more than 47,000 people on Samos island late on Tuesday night.

The men allegedly involved in the September 8 fire on Lesbos, who have not been named, were led to a court on the island on Wednesday to be formally charged.

Along with arson, they faced a host of charges including fomenting unrest, property damage, illegal use of force and attempting to injure police.



German activist in Lesvos: There are jihadists and rumors of Turkish-supplied guns in Moria, barely any Syrians

The revelations of the German artist, photographer and activist, Rebecca Somer, about the sad events that unfolded at the Moria migrant camp in Lesvos last week are shocking, Thestival reported.

Somer is one of the people who knows the ins and outs of managing illegal migrant flows. Recently, she was in Lesvos and recorded what is happening at the Moria migrant camp, and they are beyond shocking.

On September 10, she gave a telephone interview to the liberal German online magazine, Tichys Einblick. In her interview, she spoke about the suspicious role of some Non-Governmental Organizations, about the behavior of illegal immigrants towards the inhabitants of the island and about how the arson of the migrant camp was organized.

Her revelations about the existence of jihadist groups that exploit the illegal immigrants cause is revealing, while her references to the weapons they have inside the shelter are shocking.

Somer emphasises that an attempt was made to blame the residents of the island for the migrant camp fire. However, she saw a video in which it appeared that there were several outbreaks of fire that erupted through the Mori camp simultaneously. She cites reports that a man and a woman from a German NGO along with Afghans and Arabs were causing fires near the tents. All illegal migrants were informed in advance to pack up and leave.



Hungary, Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia donate to V4-German project to halt illegal migration from Morocco

Germany should contribute half of the total amount, and V4 countries will share the other half evenly

The Visegrad Group (V4) countries of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland are donating funds for a joint project with Germany to control illegal migration from Morocco.

As part of two donations, Czechia should provide almost 100 million korunas for a joint migration project. The V4 countries and Germany agreed on a joint initiative to help Morocco as a transit country in illegal migration at a summit in Bratislava last February. In total, they should put €30 million (795 million korunas) into it, according to Eurospravy.cz.

Germany should contribute half of the amount, the V4 countries will share the other half evenly.

"The financial contribution for the Czech Republic is €3.75 million (approximately 99.5 million korunas). The joint migration project is divided into two components focusing on supporting development and border protection," states the material which will be discussed by the Czech government. Each of the donations is earmarked for one of these areas, both for the same amount of €1.875 million.

The first donation from the budget of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs should go to the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and focus on the development part of the project.



Bosnian Regional PM Calls on Italy to Help Stop Migrant Surge

Mustafa Ružnić, Prime Minister of the canton of Una Sana in Bosnia-Herzegovina, has called on Italy to help stop the flow of migrants in the Balkans as tens of thousands continue to pass through.

Una Sana, located in the north-west of the non-EU country, is one of the areas most affected by mass migration as it lies on the border to Croatia, which as an EU member-state marks one of the bloc’s common external borders.

According to Prime Minister Ružnić, at least a hundred thousand migrants have passed through his region in the last two years alone.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Il Giornale, he warned that the “over 100,000 migrants are largely illegal and if we look at their journey to [the EU], 85 per cent have gone to Italy and only 15 per cent to Austria, Germany, and other EU countries.”

He added that the only way to stop the influx was to close the Bosnian eastern border with Serbia — another non-EU country — saying: “We can do this in two ways: the first is to mobilise the resources available to our police agencies by sending 2,000 agents to the border to seal it and block arrivals. The second is to employ the army, but it could create problems with Belgrade,” referring to the seat of the Serbian government.



Greek Media Publishes Photos of Turkish Authorities Allegedly Helping Migrants

Greek media have published photographs claiming to show Turkish security services at the border helping migrants cross into Greece by watching out for border patrols.

The photographs, which are said to have been taken along the Evros river on the Greek border with Turkey, show migrants crossing the river in an attempt to get to Greece, while a Turkish armoured vehicle watches from a distance.

According to a report from Greek newspaper Proto Thema, the Turkish border authorities were not in the area to stop the migrants from crossing into the European Union, but were on the lookout for border patrols and agents of the EU’s border agency Frontex.

The paper states that an estimated 500 migrants attempt to cross into Greece every day, with dozens trying to make the crossing along the border in the Evros region. Around 80 per cent of the migrants arriving from Turkey are said to be from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh.

Turkey has previously been accused of helping illegals get across the border in March, with a Turkish soldier admitting to helping the migrants.



Italy Forced to Quarantine Migrants on Buses Due to Lack of Space

Authorities in Udine and Tricesimo in the northeast of Italy have been forced to use buses as temporary quarantine areas for migrants due to a lack of space.

The temporary solution comes as the local migrant centre, a former barracks, has become full.

While migrants arrive in large numbers across the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa, they continue to illegally enter the country along the Balkan route, as well.

Initially, the migrant buses were parked in the car park of a church in Tricesimo but were later moved after mayor Giorgio Baiutti demanded that an alternative be found, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

Baitutti also noted that of the 72 migrants who were supposed to be quarantined and tested, at least 25 had escaped. The mayor said that as a result, the area was not safe for locals.



How many murders in Germany are committed by refugees? The government refuses to say

As of 2019. refugees make up 2 percent of the population but are responsible for 15 percent of violent crime in Germany

Germany has experienced a number of high-profile murders of young women in recent years at the hands of migrant men who entered Germany following the 2015 migrant wave. While the cases made headlines, true statistics involving how many murders refugees and migrants have been responsible for remains elusive.

Some of the most well-known cases involve 19-year-old medical student Maria Landenburger, who was raped and drowned in Freiburg by a refugee as well as 15-year-old Mia Valentin, who was murdered by an Afghan asylum seeker after she broke off their relationship. There is also the case of Susanna Feldman, a 14-year-old German-Jewish girl murdered by an Iraqi migrant.

In addition, the terrorist attack at Berlin's Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market was also perpetrated by a refugee, Anis Amri, who entered Germany with over the 1.8 million refugees admitted to the country since 2015.

To this day, however, the exact number of people who have been killed by asylum seekers and refugees since 2015 is unknown. Although the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) has published data in its annual report on "Crime in the context of immigration", it does not contain exact data on the perpetrators, including their nationality, their residence status and when they entered the country.



A migrant infected with COVID-19 was caught in Rijeka

Croatian police announced that they had found a migrant who escaped from the Rijeka Clinical Center on Monday, where they confirmed he is infected with the new coronavirus. The man was found about two kilometers from a hospital in the Rijeka port area. The police handed the migrant over to the Rijeka hospital.

Cyprus officials concerned after 4 migrant boats arrive in 48 hours

Cypriot authorities have raised alarm bells after four boats carrying Syrian and Lebanese migrants arrived in waters of Cyprus within a 48-hour span.

According to police, a total of 123 migrants are on the four vessels and about half of them have been permitted to disembark.

Some 21 migrants remain aboard a damaged boat (engine failure) that is adrift off Cyprus´ southeastern tip. Authorities said three women and nine children were taken off the boat and transferred to a Cypriot hospital as a precaution.

Some 33 migrants aboard a boat that police intercepted off the southern coast on Saturday afternoon, are returning back to Lebanon.

Meanwhile, 51 migrants on Saturday were transferred to a reception center after their boat from Lebanon reached a rocky beach that’s inside a U.N. controlled buffer zone.



Nine migrants are rescued from overloaded dinghy with one life vest between them after engine fails in the middle of the Channel

The nine migrants were pictured drifting in the sea after their engine failed

A group of migrants crammed onto a small boat for the dangerous journey across the Channel have been rescued by UK Border Force after their engine cut out.

The nine asylum seekers were pictured being brought ashore at Dover by a patrol boat just a day after the police clashed with far-right anti-immigrant protesters near the Kent port.

The Home Office has been contacted for further information.

It comes just a day after ten people were arrested following demonstrations in Dover on Saturday, which brought a dual carriageway to a standstill.



German Migrant Taxi NGO Sends New Ship to the Mediterranean

The German migrant transport NGO Sea-Eye has announced it is ready to set sail on a new mission to pick up migrants in the Mediterranean and bring them to Europe in a vessel bigger than their last.

The NGO announced their new vessel, the Ghalib Kurdi, named after the brother of drowned toddler Alan Kurdi, would be setting sail by the end of the year.

Currently stationed at the port of Regensburg in Germany, the NGO is only waiting for equipment and the formal transfer of ownership.

Sea-Eye fundraised for the vessel and mission with the support of several groups, including the Roman Catholic church in Germany, which the NGO singled out for praise, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

The NGO’s other vessel, the Alan Kurdi, was seized by Italian authorities but was allowed to leave in June. It remains at the port of Burriana in Spain.



60 Illegal Migrants Stopped Near Semič, Others Chased from Ilirska Bistrica to Italy

Police apprehended a group of 60 people who had illegally entered the country near the town of Semič in the south-east on Tuesday. The migrants come from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

They were captured after a large number of persons were spotted in Srednja Vas at around 4pm, running towards Komarna Vas, the Novo Mesto police department said on Wednesday.

The illegal migrants were apprehended by police officers from Črnomelj, Dolenjske Toplice and the specialised unit for border control of the General Police Administration. A special unit of the Novo Mesto police department also took part in the operation.

The foreigners are still being processed by police.

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Dutch Police Urge Government to Deport Criminal Illegals

Police in the Netherlands are calling on the government to increase deportations of illegal aliens who commit repeated crimes in the country, according to reports.

The Dutch Police Union (NPB) issued an appeal to politicians after an officer's tweet drawing attention to the issue went viral.

Officer Bas Wijnen revealed he had recently encountered a Moroccan man illegally present in the Netherlands who had nearly 600 recorded run-ins with police.

“Yesterday I picked up a colleague from the aliens office and we went to de Mare together with 2 police students,” Wijnen wrote. “There they picked up an undesirable stranger. This Moroccan man, an acquaintance of ours (579 registrations & 155 priors!), had just been released (2 years of detention(ISD)) and went to de Mare.”

"I continue to find it strange that we cannot put such a person on a plane to their country of origin."



I'm a victim of Germany's failed asylum policy, says Berlin woman beaten by Syrian refugee

The Syrian attacker was provided mental health care by the authorities, while the victim was left alone dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder

In March 2018, now 43-year-old Berliner Maria S. was brutally beaten by a Syrian refugee. While the man was provided mental health care by German authorities, the victim was left alone dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the attack. Following a decision by prosecutors to stop the case from going to court, she has shared her personal story with German news outlet Junge Freiheit.

After two years from the attack, it is still difficult for Maria S., whose name was changed to protect her privacy, to talk about the moment that tore her life apart.

"Four weeks ago, I received a letter from my lawyer saying that the investigation was closed,“ she said with a mixture of bewilderment, disappointment, and anger.

Maria S. says her nightmare began on March 2, 2018, when she was walking her dog shortly after 9:00 p.m. when she saw a bearded man staring at her in a threatening manner.



Italy: 1,000 migrants land on Lampedusa island in one weekend as mayor urges citizens to go on strike against government inaction

"We are on our knees," says the Mayor Totò Martello, as he slammed Italian Prime Minster Giuseppe Conte's left-wing government's failure to stem migration

A total of 1,000 migrants landed on the Italian island of Lampedusa this weekend, including 367 migrants in a fishing boat on Sunday night, prompting Mayor Toto Martello to call on the islanders to go on a general strike to get the attention of Italy's unresponsive left-wing government.

The island is already overcrowded with thousands of migrants, and the desperate mayor of Lampedusa is now asking the government for immediate intervention, otherwise, the whole island will go on strike, the daily Le Figaro reported.

Migrants landing on the island are often welcomed with protests organized by locals, including some of which are promoted by the opposition League party, but it has done little to stop the migrant wave.

There are 1,160 migrants in Lampedusa's emergency center, which is ten times its maximum capacity. About 30 small boats, mostly from the Tunisian coast, have arrived on the island since Friday, with about 500 illegal migrants on them. That's twice as many Tunisians that the Italian government repatriated back to Tunisia this month.



Boat Carrying Nearly 370 Migrants Reaches Italy's Lampedusa

A fishing boat carrying nearly 370 migrants landed overnight on the Italian island of Lampedusa, where the main holding centre is already overcrowded, prompting the local mayor to call for a general strike to push the government take action.

Italy has been struggling in recent months to deal with daily arrivals of hundreds of migrants to its southern shores, a task complicated by security measures imposed by the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The boat carrying 367 people, which was in danger of sinking due to high winds, was escorted by the Italian coast guard and police to the island's port, ANSA news agency said.

They were met at the port by a demonstration organised by the far-right, anti-immigrant League party.

The new arrivals, including 33 children and 13 women, were taken to an emergency reception centre on the island which now houses some 1,160 people, 10 times its maximum capacity, Lampedusa's mayor, Toto Martello, told ANSA.



Radical Islamist Who Screamed “Allahu Akbar!” when he Stabbed Police Officer During NYC Riots Is an Illegal Alien

On June 3rd Muslim attacker Dzenan Camovic lunged at a NYPD officer during the mass protests in New York City and stabbed the officer from behind in the neck.

A chaotic scene unfolded with gunfire during the attack. In the end of it all, two other NYPD officers had suffered gunshot wounds.

All three wounded officers survived the attack.  22 shots were fired in the fray.

Suspect Dzenan Camovic was hit 8 times during the attack on the officer at his “anti-looting post.”

The man who stabbed a New York City police officer in early June was an illegal immigrant from Bosnia who was motivated by support for violent Islamic extremism, the Justice Department revealed Wednesday in bringing charges against the man.



200 migrants stuck in Bosnia after authorities set up police roadblocks

Authorities in the north of the country set up roadblocks with police patrols on the road

A dispute between regional authorities in Bosnia has left nobody wanting to accept migrants attempting to travel on to Western Europe, resulting in 200 of them to be stuck near the town of Bosanska Otoka.

Authorities in the north of the country have condemned the alleged inability of other parts of the state to share the burden of the migration crisis and set up roadblocks with police patrols on roads in the Krajina region.

The roadblocks are designed to prevent refugees from entering the territory under their jurisdiction, and police are supposed to escort migrants who manage to breakthrough to where they came from. 

At the same time, other parts of the country are also refusing to take them, resulting in 200 migrants being ordered off of buses and trains near the town of Bosanska Otoka.



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