Will Sova's criminal charges against the leaders of NLB and the Bank of Slovenia during the laundering of Iranian money lead to the most influential people in the former SD government led by Borut Pahor?

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Will Sova's criminal charges against the leaders of NLB and the Bank of Slovenia during the laundering of Iranian money lead to the most influential people in the former SD government led by Borut Pahor?

According to Požareport, the Slovenian Intelligence Agency (SOVA), led by Janez Stušek, decided to continue the investigation into the infamous Irangate affair. Commission at-the-time chaired by Logar found that at least one billion euros of Iranian money had been laundered through Nova Ljubljanska banka (NLB) to finance terrorism, which a political convert and current LMŠ MP Jani Möderndorfer does not consider problematic. During the interpellation against Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs, Möderndorfer commented that the panic is unnecessary and that NLB financially profited from the illegal business.


Following a decade of political hide and seek, things are finally moving. Sova's management is alleged to have filed several criminal charges with the Slovenian Specialized State Prosecutor's Office. Criminal charges will be filed against at-the-time management of NLB, the Bank of Slovenia, the Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering and some individuals in the police.

Given the fact that Logar's Commission proved and described the cash flow of Iranian money to NLB, it is unbelievable that the Specialized State Prosecutor's Office rejected the suspicion of abuse by NLB bankers. “Basic cash flows were triggered in Milibanka, where a firm named Farrokh had a bank account. Clandestinely, the money was transferred from Farrokh to Farrokh Limited in the British Virgin Islands. Money from Farrokh Limited was then sent to NLB, where the transactions spread further. When Farrokh Limited became problematic because of refusal of money orders due to complaints, Iraq Farrokh was established in addition two other companies - Al Samah and GLL Services - in the United Arab Emirates, on the advice of NLB. The money was transferred from these companies obscuring the traces of where the money actually came from. The suspicion that something was wrong with the transfers of Farrokh Limited was thus blurred for some time, ”Rado Pezdir described money laundering through NLB in the style of film thrillers.

Specialized State Prosecutor's Office in the past dismissed suspicion of abuse of position by NLB bankers and their role in money laundering

Despite all the evidence gathered, the matter was not problematic to the National Bureau of Investigation (NPU), the Slovenian Specialized Prosecutor's Office, the Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering nor the Bank of Slovenia. The Slovenian judicial authorities caused the scandal of all scandals by concealing criminal offences. Slovenia is a member of NATO, however, with the knowledge of all state bodies, it laundered money for the Iranian regime, which bought war poisons and proliferated Iran's nuclear program. At the same time, the Specialized State Prosecutor's Office rejected part of the pre-trial proceedings in the Farrokh case, in which they investigated the suspicion of abuse of the position by NLB bankers in laundering Iranian money in the bank.

"This is a scandalous decision that is not based on data and facts established by both Commissions of inquiry of the Slovenian Parliament," commented Pezdir, an economist and expert in Logar’s Commission.

Interior Minister Aleš Hojs expects a review of Irangate criminal investigation by the end of September

Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs, also feels the panic of those responsible on a daily basis. Less than two months ago, he announced a review of some of the National Investigations Office's completed investigations. One of them is also about the Irangate affair. The former long-time rulers, now sitting in opposition, are using their monopoly media apparatus to overthrow Hoys and thus the current government.

Hojs was initially accused of illegal control, but it quickly turned out that Hojs respected the Slovenian legislation. In the past, the former interior ministers, dr. Vinko Gorenak and Interior Minister in Cerar's government Vesna Györkös Žnidar carried out similar reviews.

A report of any irregularities will be disclosed shortly. According to Interior Minister Hojs, the Slovenian public is expected to find out the truth by 30 September 2020. The report will include irregularities allegedly committed by NPU criminals in the investigation of laundered one billion euros of Iranian money. Maybe Slovenian citizens will finally find out the truth about who is hiding behind the names of Miki Miško, Jaka Racman and Superman, as part of the laundered Iranian billion also landed in their bank accounts.

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