The epidemic got on his nerves: Šarec was allegedly strangling Šabeder's adviser and threatened his own minister!

  • Written by  Aleš Ernecl
Marjan Šarec (levo) in Aleš Šabeder (right). (Photo: STA) Marjan Šarec (levo) in Aleš Šabeder (right). (Photo: STA)

Many people have already forgotten how many headaches the upcoming coronavirus epidemic caused to the former government of Marjan Šarc, and especially to the Prime Minister himself. As Požareport reported, in a fit of rage, he even attacked the adviser to the former Minister of Health, Aleš Šabeder, and threatened the Minister that he should be shot.

Because Marjan Šarec, at the head of the current opposition, which was the government coalition at the beginning of the first wave, put on a 'new shirt' with the help of the central media and therefore everyone should pretend that the incompetence of his government and his acknowledgment that he is incompetent (he resigned) never happened, it makes sense every now and then to remember what happened at the end of this sad story called »the government of Marjan Šarec«.

Recently, according to the principle »enough time has passed for Slovenes to forget«, Šarec appears as a moral and, above all, professional authority when he criticizes the government of Janez Janša, while the mainstream media is supporting him. Požareport published an article - which did not surprise us, who do not have a memory as a goldfish - in which he describes the events in the times when the government was still led by Marjan Šarec and when we stepped into the first wave.

At some point he lost his temper

Marjan Šarec is, if we remember, guilty that the warehouses were empty and the Slovenian government had to fight guerrilla warfare on the world markets for masks and respirators, he is guilty that the NIJZ had fewer employees with less money and he is guilty of procrastinating with the first measures. Together with his quartet, he actively undermined virtually all anti-corona measures in the first wave and consequently encouraged not only the illegal Friday protests but also the stampede of so-called pandemic deniers. Today, he lies on national TV that he has supported the measures all the time, even though, together with this national TV, he attacked the government from the very beginning because of the purchase of masks, which was problematic - because of him.

One of the most absurd accusations, however, is the accusation in recent times, since the national TV has been doing free PR to the quartet and JP Damijan, that the Janša government expected the second wave completely unprepared. And with this accusation in mind, one should read the article on Požareport, which mentions that on March 12, when the then Šarec's Minister of Health, Aleš Šabeder, went to a press conference and announced the closure of the Slovenian border with Italy, Šarec was completely lost in the crisis and he lost his temper to such an extent that in the background of the conference he began to strangle Šabeder's adviser, Polona Križnar, and shouted that Šabeder needed to be shot.

The fight with Šabeder was prevented by security guards

As a result, there was almost a fight between the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health if they were not separated by security guards. However, after this event, Minister Šabeder never returned to work. Why is this news important? Judging by this event, he preaches to the Slovenian public as a professional authority and criticizes the government, but he has no control over himself and has shown that he has no control over the Slovenian government in times of crisis.

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