Technology giants pursue a silent purge of "right-minded criminals"

  • Written by  Bogdan S.
(Photo: Red Ice TV) (Photo: Red Ice TV)

Last Thursday, Red Ice TV became the latest channel suppressed by "Big Technology" oligarchs.

Red Ice TV is one of thirty right-wing and Christian channels that the Anti-Defamation League has listed on its blacklist under the lump sum indictment of "anti-Semitism." Youtube already deleted some of the most popular videos of spouses Henrik Plamgreen and Lana Lokteff published by Red Ice TV in August, but this did not satisfy the ADL, which demanded a complete ban, which came true on Thursday.

Otherwise, tech giants are quietly censoring more and more right-wing, Christian and conservative websites and channels. In doing so, they rely on a study compiled by a group of academics at George Washington University who recommends that technology giants censor "right-wing thought criminals" (which is taken from Orwell's 1984) silently, piece by piece, through various pretexts and as seamlessly as possible to avoid protests and allegations of bias.

The purpose, of course, is clear, to bring down the critics who proclaim fake news and biased propaganda propagated by the globalist left-wing liberal media. In addition, major tech companies that are firmly on the Democrats' side are trying to dissuade Republicans during the 2020 campaign, especially President Trump, who unruly bypassing the big media during the 2016 election campaign and directly addressing the voters with great success.

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