(VIDEO) New details suggest the attacker, reportedly Algerian, had Islamist motivation regarding perceived blasphemous cartoons

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(Photo: Twitter) (Photo: Twitter)

“The victim had recently given a lesson to his students on freedom of expression and had shown the caricatures of Muhammad,” media reported.

Image of beheaded victim in #Paris suburb tweeted by what appears to be attacker shortly before he was killed: “To Macron, leader of the infidels, I executed one of your hell hounds who dared belittle Muhammad.”

According to local media reports, one man shouting ‘Allah hu Akbar’ (God is great) has beheaded a man. The victim has been identified as a history teacher in northern Paris before being neutralized by the French Police. According to witnesses, the attacker was severely injured by the police, Insider Paper reports.

Man beheaded in Paris by an attacker then shot by police. The act, claimed:  "To Macron, I executed one of your dogs" - TV6 News

(Photo: TV6 News)

Reports say the incident occurred at the district Saint-Germain-en-Laye in Conflans-Saint-Honorine in the afternoon. After being chased by the police, the attacker was later injured in the neighboring town of Eragny. The police in Paris has set up a security perimeter and have advised residents to avoid the area. The brutal attack happened at approximately 5:00 p.m. local time near a school.

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