In February alone, Mladina got more than 85 thousand euros of taxpayers’ money for promoting hatred of the right – and part of it came from the »independent« RTV Slovenia!

  • Written by  Luka Perš (Nova24TV)
(Photo: Nova24TV) (Photo: Nova24TV)

In February, Mladina magazine has gotten more than 85 thousand euros of the taxpayers’ money, of which 12 thousand euros came from the national television RTV Slovenia. All of this data can be seen in the online application Erar. Again, the national television is once again spending taxpayers’ money on the extreme, radical left-wing media, which sees nothing but hatred for the right and Janez Janša. We asked RTV Slovenia what the 12 thousand euros that Mladina got were intended for. RTV Slovenia sent us their response. At the end of the article, you can also see the graph of Erar, where you can find Mladina’s earnings.

Slovenian national television RTV Slovenia proved itself again by spending taxpayer’s money. In the month of February alone, they have transfered 12 thousand euros to the radical left-wing media Mladina. According to the data available in Erar, Mladina has earned 85 thousand euros of taxpayers’ money in the month of February. Journalist Bojan Požar was among the first to reveal the data. How come the national television was not as generous with the other media outlets? It could have transfered a similar sum to Demokracija, Spletni časopis, Portalplus, and other alternative media outlets that have reported critically on Šarec’s government. »I have a serious question for Marjan Šarec‘s government. Why did Mladina (owned by a financial fund based in Luxembourg) get more than 85 thousand euros in state budget’s money this month, of which just over 12 thousand euros from the public institution RTV Slovenia?« Bojan Požar revealed.

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