Double standards in staff changes

As Prime Minister, Marjan Šarec set up his people a lot, but this did not bother the dominant media. (photo: STA) As Prime Minister, Marjan Šarec set up his people a lot, but this did not bother the dominant media. (photo: STA)

As Prime Minister, Marjan Šarec claimed, that he must urgently make personnel changes if he wants to change anything. However, the dominant media did not even flinch, when he appointed his people to leading positions in the country. What’s more, they even supported him in doing so.

Šarec and his government first carried out a purge in the leadership of the Slovenian Army, the police and the National Investigation Office. Alen Geder was the Chief of the General Staff in the Slovenian Army for a short time and was soon replaced by Alenka Ermenc, who was more acceptable to the Šarec people.

They immediately subjugated the police as well. Thus, on October 5, 2018, Šarec's government appointed Tatjana Bobnar acting director general of the police, who then proved to be a good "watchdog", loyal to Šarec's government. In her tenure, she has not done much, not even to help stopping the wave of migrants. From every perspective, only political interests in retaining power were perceived.

Šarec's government also intervened in the “NPU”; they removed Darko Majhenič from the position of director and appointed Darko Muženič, the former director of the Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering, in his place, at Bobnar's suggestion. Bank criminals were thus able to continue to sleep peacefully. Namely, during Pahor's government, Muženič, among other things, ignored billions in money laundering in the NLB, to finance terrorism.

They immediately intervened also after top of the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency (Sova). The Šarec’s government appointed their man Rajko Kozmelj in to Sova. Bizarre in all this is, that Kozmelj's only concern was, to hire Šarec's alleged mistress Nataša H., which marked the beginning of the end of Šarec's government. According to media reports, Kozmelj started arranging Nataša H. job the same day he became the director of Sova! Kozmelj was nominated by Šarec himself, as the director of Sova.

The previous government not only replaced the aforementioned, they also replaced the management of the Financial Office of the Republic of Slovenia (Furs). “Furs” has been led by Peter Jenko, since November 2019. There have been many similar replacements. Than it didn't bother anyone. Now, with Šarec on top, they are screaming, if the government of Janez Janša replaces any of the officials in high positions. Now it bothers them all, before this was for them a perfectly normal democratic act.


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