Austria, Croatia closing small crossings on Slovenia border

Austria, Croatia closing small crossings on Slovenia border

Austria and Croatia have announced they would temporarily close dozens of small crossings on the border with Slovenia to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Major crossings remain open.


As of midnight Tuesday, crossings to and from Austria will only be allowed at the major crossings Karavanke, Šentilj, Gornja Radgona and Ljubelj, and the smaller border posts Kuzma, Jurij, Trate, Radelj, Gederovci, Korensko Sedlo, Holmec and Vič.

The news was announced on Twitter today by Austrian Ambassador to Slovenia Sigrid Berka.

Croatia said today that 27 local border crossings with Slovenia would be closed. Interior Minister Davor Božinović told the press the closures would probably be implemented in the course of today.

Slovenia's border with Croatia is the external border of the Schengen zone. The local border crossings subject to the closure are open only to EU citizens but are mainly used by locals.

The international border crossings with Croatia - there are 32 according to police data - remain open.

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