What color is life actually?

  • Written by  Miran Černec
(Photo: Demokracija) (Photo: Demokracija)

On-duty fighters for a better world, sponsored by corporate capital, have been aggressively warning in recent weeks that “black lives matter”.

For this message, they are ready to plunder shops, demolish monuments, erase historical facts and, in the name of humanity, smash the skulls of anyone who doubts their fanatical announcement. Some tell them that white lives also matter, but there may soon be more that will find special added value in yellow, red, brown or pink lives. But how did we even come to the point where we suddenly sort the importance of lives by skin color? Isn't that racist? Last but not least, do lives have color at all? In Western civilization, we once proceeded from the great idea that all life originates from the spirit and that lives should therefore not be divided into white, black or colorful; that there are at most truth-loving and creative lives on the one hand, and mean and destructive lives on the other. In this good faith, we Europeans, who have not so rarely found ourselves in the role of slaves in history, were the first in the world to abolish slavery.

And in this good faith, men whose statues are being torn down today by those who will not reach their evolutionary stages for a long time founded the United States nearly 250 years ago. Belief in the good of the individual and the belief that everyone is born free according to God's will have been high esteemed values ​​in Indo-European peoples since time immemorial and have given rise to unprecedented civilizations – but today we are beginning to suspect that they may have belonged only to ourselves, and that the other cultures with which we share the planet have never fully internalized them. The ancient anti-European and anti-Christian hatred, which today hides under the trendy brand Black Lives Matter™, it will not calm down easily. It will not bypass us. But when we face it sooner or later, let’s not forget who we are. We are the heirs of a civilization that brought freedom and the rule of reason to the world. We know that all lives matter. And that’s why we don’t kneel in front of anyone.

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