We must endure the dance with COVID-19

  • Written by  Lecija Kavčič
Lucija Kavčič. (Photo: Demokracija) Lucija Kavčič. (Photo: Demokracija)

In recent days, we have witnessed an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections - about a hundred new reported infections a day - more than at the time when our country, schools and kindergartens were closed.

However, today schools and kindergartens remain open and it is unlikely many people feel great about it. Not even with the implementation of all preventive measures: frequent washing and disinfection of hands and wearing masks in common areas. Uncertainty is growing and it is clear schools are becoming "virus exchanges", although there are not many quarantined classes yet. Fortunately, so far (at least based on public information) no teacher or student has experienced any serious complications that this insidious disease can cause. But what if they do happen? There are probably many teachers in Slovenia who are approaching the age of 50 and have one of the diseases that can lead to severe complications of COVID-19. There are also many children with asthma in schools. However, all we can do at this point is to take all the measures against the spread of the virus seriously and be careful about who we hang out with in person. The so-called social bubbles are in full swing ...

We can hope that everyone else is taking the measures seriously as well, that the opposition to wearing masks is disappearing, and that it is clear to everyone that we are protecting each other by wearing masks. No action introduced in schools is unnecessary, but for all involved, this period is certainly the most challenging of all that we have encountered so far. There is no choice: either we abide by the measures and slow down the spread of the disease or we do not follow them and enable a rapid spread of COVID-19. Since no measure is too difficult to follow, the biggest problem people might have is to follow the rules and instructions in the long run, which with this virus seems to be the only solution so far. We must not indulge in discouragement and indifference, we must not forget and say “ah, only this time” ...

In such moments, the best thing to do is to go to nature, breathe fresh air and read a book. There will be an end to this one day. It will be - only this time it will take a long time ... What will the economic consequences of the "dance with the virus" be and how long will they last, well, this is a parallel story, which is also not going to be easy.

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