We are in the middle of a coronavirus epidemic again!

Lucija Kavčič / Photo: Demokracija Lucija Kavčič / Photo: Demokracija

In the spring, the virus first emerged as a remote threat and then quickly shut down the country completely. For those who had to stay between the four walls of small apartments, the spring months were especially difficult. And some, largely those living in the countryside, might not even feel the quarantine.

And how were we all relieved when the epidemic was cancelled, and the virus was gone for a while, maybe a few days, as no infection was found. We had a big advantage over European countries, we did very well. However, as soon as the measures were lifted, individual cases again began to appear more and more viciously here and there. The virus came back from abroad, namely from holidays in Croatia, and from family visits in other Balkan countries. Well, not everyone can be blamed for all the holidays and visits. It is worse that a lot of people did not believe or still do not believe in the existence of the virus and were against all the recommended measures placed to further contain the virus. Similarly, it is just as serious of what is happening in addition to the war with the virus: the left-wing opposition is not choosing the means and is trying again and again to discredit the successful government; moreover, every Friday we can still witness senseless protests and outbursts of stupidity, harmful incitement, and manipulation. And it is thanks to the above that we are now where we are: again in the midst of an epidemic that may be worse than the one in the spring. We are facing a new lockdown or we are facing mass deaths, as the hospitals are filling up, doctors and epidemiologists are overwhelmed. It has been a good month since the start of the new school year and the kids could soon be doing their school work at home again. And given the current epidemiological picture, I can say – the sooner the better. Will model C really be enough? – I do not know. I feel bad for the teachers, especially for those who know what this disease is about, and have to expose themselves every day. And I feel sorry for everyone who risk having a child bring an infection from school because the mandatory wearing of masks has been abolished! How long will this take? What will we end up with? What are we going to do to get out of this? What is the future of Slovenia and Slovenes? All these questions do not give me peace when I think in the evenings about an increasingly uncertain future.


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