Migrants ante portas!

  • Written by  Ivan Šokić
Ivan Šokić Ivan Šokić

After Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated in the end of February 2020 that he won't be stopping the approx. 3.6 million migrants who want to get into Europe, the old continent trembled with good reason. A few days later, we would hear that a horde of more than 150 thousand migrants is on its way to the Greek border. Greeks on Lesbos lost it. They themselves put a torch to the migrant centre under the wing of the United Nations. Various representatives of NGOs who helped illegal migrants for a number of years were forced into hiding.

After five years of suffering illegal migrants, living in constant fear and state of no governance, the response of the islanders is rather mild, it could have been much bloodier. Europe is slowly waking up. It’s been almost five years since the beginning of the migrant crisis triggered by German chancellor Angela Merkel and nobody is falling for pro-migrant propaganda anymore.

A hundred children can drown, they can film a thousand mothers crying after the sons she lost on her way to Europe, but the spell has been broken. People have had their eyes opened. Only fools fall for their tears. This time, the first instinct is not to help these "refugees". People are aware that the mainstream media wants to sell them the lie they bought years ago. This time it's not working. With their pictures, videos and heart-wrenching stories, the mainstream media managed to immunize their audience against their own pro-migrant propaganda. When you're forced to listen to one thing on the TV but see another in reality, it quickly becomes clear who to believe.

When migrants travelled in tens and hundreds, Greeks put up with them, they were mere droplets. But 3.6 million people on the other hand is a tsunami, a horde, an invasion. All appeals that it's refugees from Syria were sung out long ago.

The very behaviour of illegal migrants confirms the idea that we’re talking about an invasion. All the pictures of women and children the mainstream media promotes can't hide the fact, they tried to cross the Greek border by force. The Greek border police was forced into using tear gas. Videos of migrant camp fires in front of the Greek border look like the armies of Mordor in front of Minas Tirith. Greeks would probably find the Battle of Thermopylae a closer reference. Threatened by being overwhelmed by migrants, only a gullible man would console himself that they don't want to stay in Greece, they want to go onward toward the West.

The desperate state on the border between Greece and Turkey demonstrates the fact that for the first time in five years since the start of the migrant crisis, an illegal migrant was killed. Allegedly. In the world we live in, it is entirely possible his death was merely staged for propaganda purposes. I don't know, we can only wait and judge for ourselves. A rubber bullet was allegedly fatal for Siryan migrant Ahmed Abu Enad, who had been working in Greece for the past five years. In the viral video you can see a group of men beside him screaming "Allahu Akbar!" For them, Emad is a martyr. And their invasion of Europe is not just a search for a better life, but a jihad, a holy cause.

If Europe reacted appropriately five years ago, we wouldn't be facing this problem today. All that was needed was to sink the ships and send the illegal migrants back home on a plane. The costs of transporting them across the world would be much lesser than the costs that became a mainstay because those in charge hesitated. To grovel before Erdoğan and give him billions of euros so that he can hold migrants is a double hole Europe digged by herself. Not only does Erdoğan use the release of the migrants unto Europe as a threat against the European Union, the EU even paid him for that. That is pure extortion!

But now, once more these migrants are on their way here in great numbers. This is a test for the European Union where Brussels' ruling class’ priorities will become clear. Will they support the member states in closing of the borders and thus choose the natives, or will they in the name of human rights stand on the side of illegal migrants and enforce the non-binding Marrakesh Political Declaration and Marrakesh Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

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